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Isaa masih-friends, in today’s information, we are going to tell you the Messiah of the oppressed, who is also known by the name of Lord Jesus Christ Isaa masih What.


You must have heard the name of your luck, luck is also celebrated from the birth of Jesus Christ, so today we have also known about it in a nutshell, when and why Christmas is celebrated.

Who was Jesus Christ (Isaa masih), story of jesus christ

Jesus Christ was the leader of the Christian religion. Mahatma Jesus was born in the city of Bethlehem, Palestine. This relationship started from the fourth year of his birth, about 25000 years ago.

Other names of Jesus Christ

People know Jesus Christ by many names Jesus or Jesus Christ, Isaa masih, Jesus Christ also known as Jesus of Nazareth. Christians consider him to be the son of God the Father and the third member of the Christian Trinity.

story of jesus christ Isaa masih

People loved Jesus Christ very much. Crowds followed him. When he preached, thousands of people gathered around him. He taught the audience through stories and examples. He explained-

Some dacoits had beaten a man and snatched his money, clothes and clothes and left him on the way after bleeding, no one helped him, only then a man reached there whom people considered as untouchable and looked with hatred. Not only did that man put his ointment, but he also spent money for it, people should love everyone and do good to them without any discrimination.

Teachings of jesus christ

Bless your persecutors too Yes Bless the curse No rejoice with those who are in joy and don’t be arrogant with those who are in mourning Live with people day in and day out Don’t think yourself too wise.

Do not blame others, as you want a man to do to you, do the same to them, consider all women as mother and sister.

Those human beings are like fertile land, those who listen to auspicious messages, understand and believe in life, they apply in their practice and by this they get good fruits, all human beings should become like fertile land.

The Jewish religious leaders were afraid of Isha’s popularity, they became thirsty for blood, they accused Ish of instigating the people against the king and anti-religion, they were sentenced to death, at that time their age was only 33 years.

He was punished by hanging him on a crush, hence the crush is considered a religious symbol among Christians.

Jesus (isaa masih) died when he brought new messages to the public apologizing to God for the ignorance of the killers.

When and why is Christmas celebrated?

The birth of Jesus Christ (Isaa masih) is celebrated every year with great pomp on 25th December as the festival of luck, this day the church is decorated a lot, that is, the church bells ring at 12:00 in the night before the birth of Isaa masih. The symbol is people go to the church to light candles and pray.

It is believed that the Christmas festival started from the time of the Sangha Nicholson, Saint Nicholson is also called Father Santa Claus, he was a very rich and kind man, he made great efforts to spread Christianity. Dan is presented as a human growing in costume, he is considered a symbol of Father Santa Claus or Father Kissimmee.

On this festival, every Christian decorates an evergreen tree or artificial witch in any room of his house or outside in the open field, it is called Christmas tree, it is a symbol of the immortal life of Lord Jesus, colorful candles are lit on this tree and Gifts are hung on the highest branch in the middle, a star or star is a reminder of the date that Jesus was born in the sky.

On this day people give gifts to each other, children are already giving gifts to their father and mother by writing letters in the name of Santa Claus, after reading those letters, parents keep the deprived gifts under the children’s beds as much as possible. He needs a speech given by Santa Claus. Christmas cake is specially made for this day.

Jesus Christ gave the gift of mercy and compassion to humanity, that is why that great festival brings friendship, peace and joy. Is.

Q.1 Who was Jesus Christ (isaa masih) Christ

answer. Jesus Christ was the leader of Christianity, the followers of this religion are called Christians.

Q.2 When was Jesus Christ born?

answer. Jesus Christ (isaa masih) was born about 25-30,000 years ago today.

Q.3 Teachings of Jesus Christ

answer. The popular teaching of Jesus is Hate sin, not the sinner, do not return evil for evil. It is God’s job to punish the sinner, not yours. You conquer evil with good.

Q.4 Who was Father Santa Claus?

answer. Saint Nicholas is called Father Santa Claus

Q.5 How is Christmas celebrated?

answer. The birth celebration of Jesus Christ is celebrated every year on 25th December with great pomp. People go to places and light candles and offer prayers.

Q.6 What is a Christmas tree?

answer. On Christmas festival, every Christian decorates an evergreen beech or artificial beech in any room of his house or outside in the open field, it is eaten by the Christmas tree.

Q.6 Hate the sin who said not to the sinner

answer, Jesus Christ said, who is also called by the name of Lord Jesus Go goes.

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