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Whatsapp Two Step Verification- How to protect WhatsApp being hacked?

Protect WhatsApp being hacked by setup WhatsApp two step verification-Nowadays new technology is coming and hackers are also increasing. Hackers can hack your social media accounts and misuse them, so you must setup security settings in all social media accounts such that none of your social media accounts can hack WhatsApp Twitter Facebook Instagram.

Our topic for this is how to protect WhatsApp from being hacked and how to do WhatsApp Two Step Verification Setup. In our previous information, we have told about how to setup two step verification in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. In this block of ours, you can easily enable two step verification in your social media account by reading Aap Ki Sarkar.


Nowadays people have to send photos, videos, SMS to their friends, then people use WhatsApp, even for audio and video calls, two WhatsApp has been used more. In such a situation, it is very important to keep your WhatsApp account secure. So that no one can hack your account on WhatsApp.

How to enable WhatsApp two step verification, how to protect WhatsApp from hackers?

To protect WhatsApp from hackers, we have to enable two-step verification in our account on WhatsApp, this is a very good security feature of WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp, people also share personal things, personal documents. For this, it is very important to enable two-step verification in the account on WhatsApp.

How To Setup Whatsapp Two Step Verification?

Let us know how to setup two step verification in WhatsApp.

Step.1 First of all, you have to open WhatsApp.

Step.2 now whatsapp you Settings have to go in.

Step.3 inside the setting Account Let’s go to the one you meet.

WhatsApp Security

Step.4 in your account Two Step Verification The option is available, click on it.


Step.5 Now you have to complete the two step verification setup. For which you have to put 6 digit security pin in WhatsApp.

Step.7 After setting the Security PIN, your WhatsApp Two Step Verification Setup is completed.

Also enter your email address in WhatsApp Step Verification Setup so that if you forget your PIN, you can re-generate it through Email Address.

So in this way you have set up Twist Verification in your WhatsApp.

How to Disable WhatsApp Two Step Verification?

If for some reason you want to remove or disable WhatsApp Two Step Verification setup, then again you have to go to the same setting of WhatsApp, where you can also, an option has been given to disable Two Step Verification by clicking on it. can disable.


Friends, WhatsApp Two Step Verification is very important, if you ever install and register your WhatsApp anywhere, then you will have to enter this WhatsApp Two Step Verification PIN, so if someone wants to hack your WhatsApp Ko, then he should know the PIN. Otherwise your WhatsApp account will not be hacked yet.

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