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What is TOTP, full information about Time Based OTP in Hindi – Hello Everyone In today’s information we are going to tell you about Time Based OTP. Friends, only Aadhar Card is enough for your identity, in such a situation, if you have Aadhar card then it does not matter if you do not have Aadhar Card then you have to go online. Aadhaar Card Download Will have to do

If you want to download Aadhar card then OTP is required and that OTP aapke Registered Mobile SMS is done. You can download Aadhaar only after entering OTP. Now UIDAI has started a service which we know as TOTP. Let us know about Time-based OTP in details.   Time Based OTP This is similar to OTP, it has been started recently. This will benefit you that first you have to download Aadhaar. Register Mobile Number But had to wait for the incoming OTP. Sometimes it was such an interest that OTP did not come at all, if there was a network issue, then you would get rid of OTP SMS service, you have to enter Bas Time Based OTP. With which you will be able to download Aadhaar.   What is TOTP? What is Full Form?

Time-based OTP is a new service, through which we can make our account more secure. TOTP’s Full Form Temporary One Time Password or you can also call it Time-Based One Time Password. It is a Time Based Code which is generated by Algorithm.

At present, it is being used in Aadhaar Service, whenever you try to download Aadhar, then the option of OTP (Time Based) will have to be verified. Let’s know how to use TOTP. And how to generate.

How to use TOTP?

TOTP is a number code. As we have already told you this will be a TIme Based Code. Which will be of a Limit Period (maximum 30 Sec.) for privacy while downloading Aadhaar. You will get that Totp in 30 Sec. To use in If you are not able to use then the code gets changed. And for the next 30 sec a new code is found. And it keeps changing every 30 sec.

What is Aadhaar Time Based OTP How to Generate Time Based OTP?

You can see TOTP service in the Aadhaar Download process. Whenever you want to download Aadhar Card Online, Tab you will need Time Based OTP.

Aadhaar TOTP Generate- To do this, you have to download the M-aadhaar application in your mobile Smartphone, and while downloading the Aadhaar, you are given 30 Sec Time Based Time-Based OTP. Which you will be able to download Aadhaar only after entering it like OTP.

Although this service has been started in Aadhaar only, it may be migrated to the place of all OTP service later.

How to Generate Aadhaar TOTP?

How to Generate Aadhar TOTP to Download Aadhar? Follow the steps given for that.
Step.1 First in your Smartphone Mobile Registered Mobile SMS have to download. Once the app is downloaded, it has to be installed.

Step.2 After installing you have to enter your Aadhar Number Profile Create Have to do.

Step.3 After the Aadhaar Profile is created, you have to click on the Aadhaar in front of you, after that Show TOTP Have to click on.

Step.4 As soon as you click on TOTP, you will get Time Based OTP will get. You can download Aadhaar by entering it.

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