What is the code of conduct and why is it implemented

Friends, in today’s information, we are going to talk about what is the code of conduct, when and why it is implemented and what are its rules. In.

The code of conducts is enforced during the election because during this the campaigning of all the parties is stopped so that the elections can be held peacefully so that there is no violation or violation in it.

Code of conducts

What is the code of conduct and why is it implemented ?

Friends, whenever elections are about to be held in a state, some time before that the code of conducts is implemented, but do you know.

Why this code of conducts is implemented Let us tell you that the Election Commission of India is done to prevent any untoward incident and to conduct the elections peacefully. And it is removed after the election is over and every party has to follow this rule during the election.

If any leader or party does not follow these rules, then the Election Commission has the right to take legal action against him, not only that, the ticket of that candidate can also be canceled and an FIR can be registered against him. .

When is the election code of conduct announced in india ?

If elections are going to be held in any state, then the Election Commission gives instructions to implement the code of conduct along with Sula on the date of election in that state.

And as soon as it is implemented, the state government administration process is started, that is, till the end of the election, all the employees of the state become Election Commission employees and the guidelines of the Election Commission start working.

What happens when the election code of conduct comes into force ?

Once the code of conducts is implemented, the Chief Minister of the state and his minister cannot make any announcement, inauguration and foundation stone laying ceremony, if he does so, then it is considered a violation of the code of conducts, it means that someone Can’t even do such a thing, it will benefit any particular party.

Not only this, the Election Commission keeps a close watch on them during the code of conduct, apart from this, the party has to take permission from the Election Commission for taking out processions or holding meetings. And its information has to be given in the nearest police station.

Some rules of Model Acharya Samhita in india

Let us know what are the rules of a model code of conduct, which rules have been imposed by the government in the code of conducts.

  • After the code of conducts is implemented, no new scheme can be announced in the state, although in some cases it can happen after taking permission from the Election Commission.
  • All government things like vehicles, helicopters cannot be used for election campaign.
  • The candidate and the political party have to take orders from the Election Commission for taking out processions or holding rallies and meetings.
  • For campaigning during elections, any party is also required to follow the rules for the use of loudspeakers.
  • No party or candidate shall make such speeches or acts which may create tension among any particular community.
  • No party or candidate will resort to any particular caste or religion to get votes and religious places will not be used during elections.
  • Friends, during the code of conduct, voters cannot be given any kind of greed or bribe.
  • During the code of conduct, personal statements cannot be made about any political party or candidate to get votes. Of course works can be criticized.
  • Prohibition on campaigning within a radius of 100 meters from the polling booth on the day of polling and prohibition of any meeting on the day before the polling.
  • rules for ruling party

What are the rules in the code of conduct for the ruling parties

so let’s know about them.

  • During the election, no minister shall use any official tour for election purposes.
  • Government resources cannot be used for elections in any way.
  • No ruling leader can use government vehicles and sentiments for elections.
  • The use of government money for election campaign is completely banned.
  • After the election code of conduct comes into force, no ruling leader can issue any new plan or any new order.
  • What is the code of conduct called in English?

The code of conduct is called Model Code of Conduct in English.

When is the code of conduct implemented ?

It is implemented before the election and is removed after the election.

How long is the code of conduct ?

Its duration is decided by the Election Commission. For how many days it is applicable, this decision is taken by the Election Commission after seeing the time of the election.

So friends, in today’s information, how did we like to know about the code of conduct, you must give your feedback in the comment box below and share this information to as many people as possible.

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