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What Is Soil Erosion And Conservation (Prevent Soil Erosion)?

soil erosion and conservation-There are different types of trees, plants and grass around us, without soil its existence is not possible. Mine is also a mixture of types of elements, such as deep rocky minerals and remains of living beings, etc.

All these elements keep on mixing through the actions of animals, the pressure of the roots of plants and the flow of underground water.


Origin of soil The type of soil and its chemical dissolution are very important for this. In most places the soil is of different types, depending on the main tha rocks.

What is soil erosion and conservation, how to prevent soil erosion

Soil layers

There are three types of soil layers?

  1. top soil
  2. sub soil
  3. rocks

1. Top Soil

The top layer of the soil is called the top soil, is the deep black babu bad? Fossils are found in this soil.

Therefore, its color is deep black, it lives in the habitat and is formed by the decomposition of vegetation. Vegetation grows well in this soil. Because this soil is very nutritious.

2.Sub soil

The layer below the upper layer is called sub-soil. This custom is light colored and hard, in which the rain leaves cannot stop.

3. Rocks

Mila is very hard on the third, it is made of rocks, this layer is not fertile at all.

What is soil erosion

Earth’s atmosphere is always changing, when the wind blows fast, it takes away the soil particles, when the wind is slow, the soil particles fall there, it is at a very long distance.

The main causes of soil refraction are sand and wind. Similarly, the flow of rain water, rivers, springs etc. also carry the top layer of soil away.

In this way, the phase of the top layer of the soil is called soil erosion. Soil erosion is harmful to the vegetation because the soil does not remain fertile due to soil erosion.

Soil erosion by water

When the rain falls on the ground, it separates the soil particles, then the top layer starts flowing easily with the flow of water. If the soil is in altered mountainous areas.

So it comes down easily with water, due to the flow of soil with water, it appears as if a layer has been taken off from above, this process is called erosion, in some places the soil is cut from the sky.

Soil erosion by wind

When the strong wind blows, it also blows away the top layer of soil with it, the upper layer is only beneficial for the leaves because due to erosion, the soil is removed from the roots of the plants, so the arrived become lifeless.

In the desert, a lot of sand is carried by the wind because there are very few trees and plants. Therefore, there is no need to keep the soil particles tightly or tied here. And there is no moisture. Therefore, the brown soil particles start flying easily with strong winds.

What is soil conservation?

Soil Conservation

It takes many years for the top layer of soil to form. So it is our duty to save and protect it. Soil conservation is called preventing soil erosion, apart from this there are some other measures which can stop soil erosion.

Tree planting

Soil erosion is more on vacant land than on land filled with plants. The roots of grass or plants keep the soil particles firmly attached to each other. But prevent the dead particles from flowing with the water.

They also prevent soil pebbles from flying with the wind. Plants reduce the speed of wind and the speed of water flow. Therefore, farmers leave the stumps of the roots of crops in their fields so that soil erosion is reduced.

Air barrier

Air barriers reduce wind speed. The same barriers are made by planting shrubs and plants. Other than where the wind blows more, trees are planted on that side and towards the middle.

Planting trees in this way reduces the velocity of wind, due to which the idol is made of clay. In this way soil erosion can be stopped with the help of wind barrier.

Terraced field

Responsible farms are created by cutting the land in hilly areas. They reduce the speed of water flow, which also stops the flow of soil. And the soil erosion is also greatly reduced. Soil erosion can also be reduced by growing trees and shrubs here.

Build a dam

Soil erosions can also be prevented by building dams around the field. Due to this, the soil is not able to go anywhere, during the rainy season, most of the rivers get flooded and there is a lot of damage to the crops and animals in the surrounding areas, due to the construction of the dam, there is no flood and the soil of that area is not taxed.

When and why soil conservation is needed

Soil formation is a very slow process and it takes many years for the formation of the top layer of 1 cm. Whereas soil erosion is a very rapid process, the top layer gets washed away very soon by heavy rains.

Damodar river in West Bengal and Kosi river in Bihar cause great damage to crops and property every year. Due to these reasons the yield of other vegetables decreases. That is why the Damodar river is called the mourning of West Bengal and the Kosi river is called the mourning of Bihar.

The population of our country is increasing rapidly. The production of food items is not as much as our country needs. Preservation of flour is necessary to increase the production of food items. Therefore, keeping in mind the interest of the country, it is our duty to stop soil erosion.

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