NSC And BSC Stock- What is NSC and BSC in stock market?

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Friends, in today’s information we are going to know what is NSC and BSC. NSC and BSC are the 2 largest stock exchange companies in India, through which the company sells shares to people to increase its market and takes money from people in exchange for shares. I act as NSC and BSC exchange between company and people.


Both NSC and BSC are the exchange company of Mumbai, whose office is in Mumbai, NSC i.e. National Stock Exchange, its instruction is Nifty and BSC means that there is Sensex in Bombay Stock Exchange and further we go to Nifty and Sensex also. .

What is NSC and BSC What is NSC and BSC ?

NSC and BSC are the 2 largest stock exchange company in India. You must have come to know from the name itself where the stock transactions take place. The meaning of exchange is that by taking shares from the seller and giving it to the buyer or taking the shares from the buyer and giving it to the seller. Means NSC and BSC acts as a medium, there are total 23 stock exchange company in India from the figures till 2016. There are many stock exchange companies like Kolkata Stock Exchange, Chennai Stock Exchange, Jaipur Stock Exchange. But NSC and BSC have the highest trading in India.

SEBI rules apply in NSC and BSC stock exchanges. SEBI stands for Securities Exchange Board of India. SEBI was established by the Government of India, some wrong things also started happening in the stock market, so the government established SEBI to stop it, just as RBI is for the bank, in the same way it is savvy for the stock exchange.

What is NSC What is NSC ?

The full name of NSC is National Stock Exchange, which was established in 1992, in which more than 16 companies are registered. When the NSC Stock Exchange was established, the entire trading process was computerized. Whereas it used to take a lot of time to buy and sell a share, it took months to buy and sell a share, but after the arrival of NSC, the stock is bought and sold within a few minutes. It is said that earlier BSC had forbidden computerize buying of stocks from the stock market.

What is BSC What is BSC ?

The full name of BSC is Bombay Stock Exchange. It was established in 1875 by Premchand Roy. There is a total of more than 55 hundred companies are registered. Bombay Stock Exchange is the first and oldest stock exchange in Asia. In the olden days, a place was fixed where all the traders used to gather and there was buying and selling of shares. It is said that the Bombay Stock Exchange was first refused to computerize, then in 1995, BSEB was also computerized.

When any company has to take money from people for its business, then they register their company’s shares on NSE and BSE or both and take money from investors for their business through IPO, any retail investor NSC and Direct shares cannot be taken from B.Sc. Rather, here NSE and BSE act like two windows for buying and selling shares.

Like you go to a cinema hall. Or you must have seen that there is one or two windows for selling cinema tickets. In which the ticket money is fixed but one or two, two or three windows are made to sell it. You buy tickets from different windows, how much is the total ticket, it is the number of seats in the cinema hall, in the same way the shares of the company which are registered in NSC and BSC are fixed. Have bought it from NSC or from B.Sc.

And here you cannot buy direct shares from BSC and NSC, even here there are agents, from there we have to buy shares. These agents act as intermediaries to buy shares from NSC and BSC. From whom we can book shares to show the growth and fall of NSE and BSE i.e. mediator who acts as agent, we are called broker. Many indices have been created to show the ups and downs of all companies registered in NSE and BSE like nifty50, nifty bank nifty auto, and in bsc many indices like BSE sensex, BSE smallcap, bse-midcap have been created in which we have all You can easily see the ups and downs of the companies.

If you buy shares from NSC and want to sell the shares in BSC from the same day, then here you have to keep in mind that you cannot do this, if you do this, you may have to pay a penalty of 20%, then you have to keep in mind Have to keep Shares purchased from NSC are not to be sold in BSC on the same day.

Whereas if you buy shares from NSC in delivery. And if you sell it in B.Sc after T+2 days then there is no problem. There is no charge in this. But our advice is that if you take NSC stock exchange shares then sell in NSC and if you take shares from BSC then sell in BSC stock exchange only.

Which is best BSc and MSc

So as you must be aware, Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange are the two largest stock exchange companies of India. Apart from this, there are many stock change companies, but they do not have more stock exchange than these two, so let’s know some things that make either of them better.

  • B.Sc was created in 1875 during British era and NSC was created in 1992 which is new as compared to B.Sc.
  • Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. And there are more than 5000 company listed inside B.Sc. More than two thousand companies are listed on the same NSC.
  • BSC itself is a publicly listed company but NSC is a private limited company.
  • The website of BSC is nscindia.com and the website of NSC is nscindia.com.

Both these companies BSC and MSC are different but they work inside SEBI, whatever SEBI guidelines are, they work on the same.

Ever since SEBI came, there is a battle going on between NSC and BSC to attract the share value because the more trading is done in which stock exchange the more money the exchange company earns. So let’s see. What do companies do to attract traders and who gives the best service.


It is very important for traders to have liquidity in a stock or index as more liquidity means spreads titles, lower slippers and it becomes much easier to enter and exit any trade. Liquidity is most important for intraday and swing traders, so to compare liquidity, we have to check the turnover of these two stock exchange companies. So turnover tells us how many lakhs and crores of income will be on that exchange company in a week, month or year.

And if a company has too many traders, it means its turnover is getting higher. More traders are trading in that stock exchange.

If you compare the turnover between NSC and BSC, then most of the trading is happening in NSC stock exchange. The comparison of which very few traders are trading in the BSE stock exchange means more turnover in the National Stock Exchange company and less trading in the Bombay Stock Exchange company.

Variety Of Stocks

So as you know there are more than 5000 companies listed under BSC and less than 2000 companies are listed on NSC, why is this. So it is because the rule is more strict to list any company on NSC and on the same if a company has to be listed in BSC whose rule and relation is less in comparison to NSC. Low quality companies are also easily listed in B.Sc.

While buying the shares while trading, keep in mind in advance that we have to buy shares from NSC stock exchange or have to buy shares from BSC stock exchange. Share only after selecting any one of the two stocks.

So in today’s information, we told you about NSC and BSC stock exchange, if you have any query related to this information or have any doubt, then you can ask us by commenting.

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