What is Nearby Share, How to Transfer Data Files.

Friends Nearby Share is a data transfer service, through which any type of file photos can be easily transferred from one mobile to another without any app, in a very fast way. Earlier, when someone had to transfer data through mobile, we needed to download a third party application but Google has given the feature of Nearby Lion in its OS for Android users.

Now we do not need any third party application i.e. sharing application like SharIt. Friends, you will not have any problem in transferring data file through Nearby Share. This is a very good feature to share in a very fast and simple way.

If the option of Nearby Share has not come in your mobile yet, then after updating your mobile, this option will come in your mobile as well. Next we will know how we can send files, media files from one phone to another using Nearby Share and also we will know how we enable and activate it.

To use the Nearby Lion feature, you have to lower the notification bar at the top. In the quick setting bar, you have to see where is the Nearby Share option, if the Nearby Share button is not visible in your tangle bar, then by going to the Edit option of Quick edit, you can drag and drop the Nearby Share button here.

Whatever application you have used so far to share files, such as Xender or ShareIt will help you to share files at a very high speed, so let’s know how you can bring this feature to your phone and how to do this.

How will you be able to use the features? Google is offering the Nearby Share feature to users who are using Android version 6 or above. With this near buy sharing option, you can share the biggest file from one phone to another very easily and in a very short time.

What is Nearby Share and How to Use Nearby Share?

NearBy Share is a kind of data transfer feature, as you can know from the name itself, you can easily share any file with each other by connecting two mobiles in close proximity with each other. Friends, earlier we had to use third party application in mobile to send any data to us.

How to Enable Nearby Share

So first of all let us know how to get here in Nearby Share Option Quick Setting icon. If you do not see the option of Nearby Share in the settings of the notification bar, then click on the edit option here. In many smartphones, you see the pencil icon instead of edit, so if you see the pencil icon then you have to click on it.

After clicking, on going down a little, you will get the option of Nearby here, you have to bring it up to the quick setting by pressing it. After that you have to click on Done. Now you will see the option of Share in Quick Settings. So let’s know how you can send files from one phone to another.

How to Share Data Files with Nearby Share?

Step.1 Friends, to transfer any photos, media files through Nearby Share, first of all you have to select the file i.e. photo and click on the share button given below.

Step.2 As soon as you click on the share button, all the options for sharing come in front of you. In which you will also see the option of Nearby Share, as you can see in the image below, you have to click on Nearby Share Option.

Step.3 As soon as you click on the option of Nearby Share, you have to turn on some options, below you get the option of Turn On, by clicking on it, you have to turn on Wifi, Location and Bluetooth.
Step.4 After having Location, Wifi and Bluetooth On, it starts searching for other phones near you. Now you have to turn on Nearby Share Receive by going to another phone.
Step.5 To go to another mobile, in which mobile you have to receive the data files, in that mobile you have to click on the Nearby Share button in the Quick Setting Tronggle bar.
Step.6 After this, bluetooth location and wifi will have to be turned on in that mobile too, everyone has to turn it on.
Step.7 After turning on WiFi location and Bluetooth, now the data file is ready to be received in the other mobile.
Step.8 Now the option to connect the receiving phone comes in the sender phone. As you can see in the image below. Now you have to click on that phone name.
Step.9 Once connected, there will be an option to accept popup in other mobile. that Accept You have to click on the button below, as soon as you accept the option, both these mobiles get connected with each other and the data transfer starts.
So friends, in this way you can transfer data from one mobile to another through Nearby Share in a very easy way without using any third party application.

If you use Google’s File by Google, then in the update, Google has added the option of near by share in that too.

Now you can transfer data with Nearby Share feature using Files by Google app. So in this way data can be transferred by connecting both the phones through Nearby Share, this is a good option to transfer your data from one phone to another in a very fast way. Source link

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