What is MSP (Minimum support price)?

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What is MSP Hello friends welcome to Mybestindia Today in this information we will talk about Minimum Support Price Policy, Minimum Support Price MSP, what is MSP, let’s know the complete information about it.

What is msp

As you all must have heard in the news every day, the government, which is preparing to commit such a crime, is preparing to increase the minimum support price for the farmers. What has been announced? Farmer is a very large population in India which is dependent on anyone 55% of the population in India is dependent on agriculture.

What is MSP? MSP information

Full Name of MSP ( MSP Full Form)

MSP full form is Minimum Support Price from in hindi Minimum Support Price it is said.

What is MSP (Minimum Support Price)

Minimum Support Price (MSP) is the guaranteed minimum price for agricultural produce in India. MSP is announced by the Government of India at the beginning of the sowing season for certain crops so as to guarantee the producer, that is, the farmer, that no matter how much food grains are locked up in the country, the farmers will get the benefit of their crop. You will get a fair price.

Suppose there is a farmer, he produces a crop and the production which is very high in a given year, then the law of demand and supply applies to you in the same field and if there is more production of something, then its price automatically falls. goes.

As you will see, when more paddy is cultivated, the paddy is cut, then if more paddy is cultivated, the price of paddy falls, its price declines. And after his time is over, his price increases.

Benefits of Minimum Support Price (MSP Benefit)

Farmers work more and more every year and after hard work, more production is produced, its price automatically falls, their cost is not even available, they put so much cost i.e. as much as they have invested.

  • So in that case there is more production, this is the reason. In that case, the government fixes a rate and fixes a price which is as much as the cost to the farmers. All of them are combined to give a minimum support price.
  • In India, the government announces the minimum support price for the farmers to get the right price for their produce and to prevent the prices from falling in the market.
  • Literate on the recommendations of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices on Agricultural Costs and Prices.
  • Declares the local price on some agricultural produce before planting the crop.
  • Usually support price is needed when the crop is good. So to control it, support price is needed so that how much has been spent in it, its living can be good.

How to fix the minimum support price?

A cost and price commission takes into account several factors while deciding the MSP of Ravi and Kharif crops.

  • These include fixing the price at least 50% above the cost of production.
  • demand and supply
  • change in input prices
  • Input Output Value Capacity
  • impact on cost of living
  • effect on general price level
  • market price trends
  • Efficiency between the price received by the farmers and the prices paid by them
  • International price position etc.

For how many crops the Minimum Support Price is declared?

See friends, Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission in India (CACP) which is declared as minimum support price for 22 crops by any department and joint government of India on its recommendations by the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices in India.

Out of these 22 crops, 6 are Rabi crops, 14 are Kharif season crops and two other commercial crops.

  • In which there are 7 grains like wheat, paddy, bajra, barley, jowar, ragi and maize.
  • While there are 5 crops of pulses in which tur, gram, urad, moong and lentils
  • There are 8 crops of oilseeds, which include mustard, groundnut, soybean, rapeseed, sesame, saffron seeds, sunflower seeds.

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