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What is MRI Scan Test, how and why do it?

MRI scan test What is MRI scan Hello friend In today’s information we will tell you what is MRI scan and how MRI scan is done or how much does it cost to do Maharaj scan.

What is MRI machine, what is it used for and how dangerous is it and how is it used, what are its advantages and disadvantages

What is MRI scan and why is it done?

MRI scan test is used to diagnose the disease closely throughout the body Most of the MRI test Masti scar control Stokes Tumor in the brain MRI test machine is used to detect inflammation in the spinal cord

MRI full form

The full form of MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) This is also called ANMRI, whose full form is Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI scan is a strong magnetic field and radio web scanning.

What is an MRI Machine?

MRI machine This is a machine by which the disease is detected deeply in your body, by this our mind is done and any problem is sent very well and its test is considered very correct when someone If the disease is not detected, then the doctor advises you to get an MRI test done.

Types of MRI Machines

There are three types of MRI machine No. 1 Tesla 1.5 Tesla or 3 Tesla
Have we told you 3 types of MRI machines above, MRI machines with a capacity of three Tesla units have the power to pull the entire iron cupboard towards itself, that is, the more space the machine has, the more its magnetic field will be means the ability to draw iron

What is MRI Scan Test?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan which usually takes 15 to 90 minutes depending on which part of the body is scanned How many pictures are to be taken Magnetic field rather than radiation Therefore, it is different from X-rays and CT scans.

During the MRI scan, wherever there is hydrogen in the whole body, an image is formed due to its spin. Wherever there are soft tissues in different parts of the body like bone, if there is an MRI scan of them, then after the formation of the image with hydrogen spin, a finding is made whether there is any problem in those parts of the body.

How is MRI scan test done?

MRI scan is a partial cylinder machine which is open from both sides, the examiner lies on the motorized bed and then he goes inside the machine in some cases like if you want to have scanning of your head only then your head is also kept in love in the machine, after that some signals from inside the machine fall on your body, which can show your body and the picture on the computer, during this time some electric current sounds are also heard from the machine. .

Types of MRI

Knee MRI

Brain MRI scan test

Spine MRI scan

Pay attention before MRI scan?

You can usually eat and drink and take medicines on the day of the MRI scan. In some cases, you may be asked to eat up to four hours before the scan so that four hours of fasting can be done. Some people are also asked to drink excessive water.

On reaching the hospital, the health and medical information of the person to be scanned is sought, so that the medical staff know whether the scan is safe or not.

After giving this information, approval is also sought whether your scan should be done or not. Because an MRI scanner produces a strong magnetic field, there should be no metal objects on the body while going inside. These include things like:

  • Watch
  • jewelry-like necklace or earrings
  • piercing
  • dentures that use metal
  • hearing aid
  • wigs, because some have pieces of metal

How much does MRI Scan test cost?

MRI scan test price ranges from 4 to 5000 MRI test is done.

1.Question. Is MRI scan done on an empty stomach?

Answer: Tow is not necessary but in some cases it is forbidden to eat and drink 4 hours before.

2.Question. How much does an MRI cost?

Answer: MRI ranges from 4000 to 5000, but in many places it can cost more.

3.QuestionCan MRI be fatal?

Answer: Yes a little mistake can have a huge impact. But this happens very rarely.


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