What is Meaning Of Heart Emoji, Color and Shape in Social Media.

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Valentine’s Day is near. This day is the most special occasion to express love. In such a situation, Heart Emoji is also used a lot in all chat applications. Today we will learn about the same heart, and what are the meanings of different types of heart emojis used on Valentine’s Day, although these emoji can be used anytime. But in the season of love it has a different way.

Heart Emoji and Colour

Many heart emojis are shared on social media like WhatsApp Facebook on Valentine’s Day. Nowadays people share their feelings in emoji during chatting. In this information, we will know about the most used emojis on Valentine’s Day, the color of the heart and some emotions related to them, if you do not know the meaning of which, then in this information you will be able to know.

Know about Heart Emogi and Color.

Today we will tell you about the meaning of heart emoji and its use in this information. Friends, each color heart has different meaning about Heart Colour, Size and Shape used in social media like WhatsApp Instagram Facebook Messenger any app message app and signal messenger. That is, every heart tries to tell different things of its mind. In such a situation, before using any heart, it is important for you to know what they are made for and where to use them.

1. Meaning of Red Color Heart (Red Color Heart Emoji)

A red heart is a sign of true love. It is used to express love. The connection of red color is associated with true love or true love, people send it to each other for romance. Girlfriend boyfriends express their love by sending this red hut.

Meaning of Yellow Heart (Yellow Color Heart Emoji)

Yellow hearts are used for happiness, friendship, and belonging. Yellow heart is a symbol of happiness, this heart is sent by friends or relatives to make each other happy or to express happiness.

3. Meaning of Green Color Heart Emoji

The use of green heart is a symbol of prosperity. But if there is a heart of green color, then it also shows jealousy. In this way it is also called dangerous.

Meaning of Blue color Heart (Blue color Heart Emoji)

A blue heart is considered a sign of trust and honesty. Therefore, the heart of this color is used in this context. By the way, the use of blue hearts in some other contexts also reflects the awareness of autism.

Meaning of Purple color Heart (purple color Heart Emoji)

The heart of this color is used during chat to tell someone close to your heart. By the way, some people do it after dressing up in a party or function to know the opinion of friends.

6. Meaning of Black Color Heart (Black Color Heart Emoji)

Black colored heart means trouble – it is an indicator of pain or disease. It is the opposite of red. However, some people also use this color in the context of tightening the tone.

Meaning of Orange Color Heart (Orange Color Heart Emoji)

The heart of orange color, also known as Narayan ji color, is used to send this heart for friendship, care and support.

8. Meaning of White color Heart (White color Heart Emoji)

The white colored heart emoji is used to send children or parents. It is a symbol of parental love for the child or is sent to children as a symbol of parental love.

Heart Emoji Shape and Size

You must have seen many types of heart emoji in social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Come let’s know about the shape and texture of all those hearts.

Meaning of Beating Heart (Vibrated Heart Emoji)

A beating heart is a symbol of true love. This type of emoji is used to express love.

Meaning of heart decorated with stars

This color heart is mostly used in instagram. This is done by the user to get attracted towards your post. This type of heart is mostly used for happiness. It means you want to reach greater heights in your life and are going.

Broken Heart Emoji

Broken heart emoji is used on broken heart or broken heart. It is especially used when there is a breakup or any kind of quarrel. So people use this emoji during their chatting.

Exclamation Sign Heart Emoji

During checking, you must have seen on your WhatsApp or other social media a heart with a request below it. What is called an exclamation heart means that the person completely agrees with you. That is, to show any kind of agreement or consent to any work, this emoji is used.

Meaning of two hearts emoji joined together (Two Hearts Emoji)

You must have seen on WhatsApp a heart emoji that has a small and a big heart. Which actually means, love is in the air.

Heart with Arrow

This heart is used to show strong love i.e. the strength of love. In WhatsApp, a heart emoji will appear as an arrow to show how junior your love is.

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