What is income, how to become rich?

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About Income . This will also be told to you. Friends, do you know that earning more money depends on what, we all earn money by selling time. Earning more money depends on this. That’s how much you multiply your time.

What is income?

If income is spoken in Hindi language, then income or income i.e. our earned money, we can do income in 2 ways. Which will be told to you below.

Type of Income?

Income means that there are two types of income. The first linear income means hard earned money. And the other is leveraged income i.e. cleverly earned income. To understand the type of income you need to complete the information given below.

how to be rich

Friends, today we will try to explain to you an example in this information, in which you will be told the detailed information about the type of income (linear and leveraged income) and how you can become rich, which you have to pay full attention to.

Example- For example, let me introduce you to two people. One is Ram, Ram is an ordinary man. Lives in a small LIG Flat with his wife and two children. He works in Mumbai incorporation. And his salary is 10 thousand rupees. So Ram is earning linear income. Because he is selling 8 hours out of his 24 hours in Mumbai Corporation every day.

Now let me introduce you to Siam, Siam is the owner of Mumbai Incorporation. He has a luxurious bungalow in Mumbai on the Juhu beach, that is, 5000 yards on the edge of the sea. There is a swimming pool in that bungalow. There is a gym, and there are also 5-6 vehicles on Siam. And about 2000 people like Mr.Ram work

Now the question arises that what is the difference between Mr.Syam and Mr.Ram, Ram also has the same two eyes, two hands and two legs. Which is also near Siam. Still, how does Mr.Syam live with so much pride. Whereas Ram is living such a difficult life. To find the answer to this, I will show you by calculating the time of Mr.Syam.

Mr.Ram’s salary is Rs.10000. They work 8 hours a day. Every Sunday is their holiday. That is, he works for about 25 days in a month. Accordingly, he works for Mr.Syam for 25×8=200 hours in a month. In exchange for these 200 hours, Siam gives them 10000 rupees, that is, according to this, the cost of one hour of Ram is 10000/200 = 50 rupees.

Now if Mr. Ram wants to earn more than 10000 then what is his option. I think he has only 2 option. Either they do another part time job in extra time or they do some business.

Let us first talk about the part time job. Mr. Ram already works for 8 hours with Mr. Siam. How many more hours do you think he can work? At most 4 hours. Maybe you can’t do more than that. And according to Rs 50, Rs 200 for four hours, 200 × 50 = Rs 500 in the whole month, total Ram’s income is 15000, and after the level of 15000, Ram’s income will be full stop. He cannot earn more money than this. Because they don’t have much time to sell.

The conclusion is that Mr.Ram is earning a linear income. And one cannot become rich with linear income. And after a limit in linear income, there is a full stop.

Now let’s meet Mr. Siam. Mr.Syam pays Rs. 10000 to Mr.Ram. Suppose he pays Rs. 10000 to Mr.Ram because of this. Because Mr.Ram works and benefits them 20000. This means that if Mr. Ram works for 8 hours. So out of that 4 hours he works for himself. And works for 4 hours for Mr. Siam. 2000 lows like Mr Ram work for Mr Siam. If every person does 4 hours part time every day like Ram, then 2000×4=8000 hours of work is done.

That is, Mr. Syam has multiplied his time in his company with the help of 2000 people where Mr.Ram earns 50×8=200 rupees for 1 day. Whereas Mr. Syam earns 8000×50=4 lakh rupees in 1 day. That’s why Mr. Syam lives in a big bungalow. And travel in big cars. And Mr. Ram has to look in his pocket ten times to move his wife and children.

Conclusion- The conclusion is that in order to earn more money, your time should be good in some way. can.

Option-Now you must be thinking that Mr. Siam has a lot of money. And there is also a big factory. He can also make good of his time by employing 2000 people. But we have it all said.

You are thinking absolutely right that today most of the population of the country is working on linear income. Most of the people are either working or are shopkeepers. Because in linear income you can sell for a limited time.

In this way your income is also limited, that’s why most of the population of the country is not rich. Leave a big factory If you want to set up a small factory where only 15 to 20 people can work for you, then lakhs of rupees have to be invested for that too.

Firstly, most people do not have that much money for investment, secondly even if there is money, then due to lack of knowledge and experience of new work, they are afraid. How most of the population of the country want business. There should be a business where investment is less, and time can be multiplied.

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