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In this information we talk about IMC Business. Friends, IMC was started on World Health Day i.e. 7th April 2007, the head office of IMC is in Ludhiana city of Punjab. And all the indigenous products of IMC are made in Haridwar i.e. Uttarakhand.


All the warehouses and factories of IMC are established in Haridwar itself. Also, who is the Chief Managing Director of IMC. His name is Dr. Ashok Bhatia and the son of Dr. Ashok Bhatia, Managing Director of IMC, whose name is. Mr. Satyan Bhatia. And Satyan Bhatia is the youngest Managing Director. All the products of the company are 100% herbal as well as certified organic.

Complete information about IMC (About IMC Business)?

Friends, the biggest thing about IMC is that it is certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Talking about IMC’s other certificates, it is IDSA, FDSA, WFDSA, GMP GPP, HALAL, FICCI, AYUSH, ISO, FSSAI, National Achievement Award and Unique World Record IMC has held in its name.

  • IMC Started– 7 April 2007
  • IMC CMD– Dr.Ashok Bhatia
  • IMC MD– Mr.Satyan Bhatia
  • IMC Head Office– Ludhiana Punjab
  • IMC Products Area– Haridwar
  • IMC Product Types– Health Care, Home Care, Beauty Care, Personal Care

What is IMC What is IMC?

IMC is MLM Business. Whose full name is International Marketing Corporation, which was started on 7 April 2007, it was started on 7 April 2007 because this date is also the birthday of the Managing Director and on this day World Health Day is also celebrated.

What is the full form of IMC?

IMC ka full form International Marketing Corporation Private Limited, which is the national exchange body in Hindi.

What is IMC Business Plan?

Let us know about the IMC Business Plan. How many business plans does IMC have and how many levels are there in the business plan. Everyone will know in detail how much income is earned in the level.

IMC Fast-track Business Plan

Let us know about what is the fast track business plan of IMC.

As we told you that after joining IMC, you get Upto 40% Discount card. Through which you buy any product, then you get a discount of 40%, let us understand this through exam.

Shri Tulsi19514555
Aloevera Juice375290125
  • MRP– Maximum Retail price
  • DP– Discount Price
  • AP– Associated Price
  • BV– Business Value

What is IMC BP ie Business Value

IMC BV is called Business Value. How Business Values ​​are created in IMC. To understand this, you have to understand the table given below and the business plan of IMC depends on it. Friends, 2.5 ₹ 1BV is made in IMC and 2500 ₹ 100BV is made and 25,000 ₹ 1000BV i.e. business value is made.

How to earn from IMC Business.

Friends, the income of IMC Business is based on BP i.e. business value, IMC earns 84% ​​of the business volume between Associate and Leader, so let’s know, how IMC distributes 84% ​​of business volume.

The distribution of business value in IMC is done in four ways.

  1. 10 to 50% as difference income
  2. 5 to 13% Leadership Bonus as bonus.
  3. Gives 2 to 17% as Distribution Funds
  4. Distribution of 4% is given as RAB i.e. Royal Annual Bonus.

Thus IMC distributes 84% ​​of its business value.

IMC Business Plans Levels

Friends, it is a matter of happiness that the business plan of IMC is based on humidity and generation. Whatever business your team does, all that business goes on getting associated with your business and your level gradually gets upgraded, so let us know what are the labels of IMC.


Friends, the starting label of IMC increases with the growth of your business, which we can see in the table below.

1,50,001BV35%SUPER STAR
  1. Level.1- Friends if your business value 1001BV and your team profit level becomes 10% then you Star-1 become.
  2. Level.2– If business balloon 7,501BV and the profit level of the team is 20%, then you Star-2 become.
  3. Level.3 The day your business value 25,001BV and the team profit is 25% at the level then you Star-3 becomes.
  4. Level.4 the day your business 75,001BV Value is achieved and your team’s profit label becomes 30%, after that Star-4 reaches labor.
  5. Level.5 The day your business volume 1,50,001BV and your team’s profit level is 35%, then you are in IMC Company. Super Star become.

Friends, IMC has a very important label, superstar, here you have to come and become the chairman by employing 5 people.

Level.6 Silver Star

After becoming a superstar, the next profit level is that of Silver Star. On which the profit is 38%. For which you have to make 30,000PGBV in side business volume by becoming a superstar below you, after which you are given Leadership Bonus 13% and Traveling Fund 2% by the company.


Level.7 Gold Star

Silver Star is followed by Gold Star Associate its profit label is 41% and to come on this label you need 25,000PGBV by making two superstars below you. From which you start getting 13% Leadership and Traveling Fund 2% and Motorbike Fund 2%.


Level.8 Rubey Star

Friends, which is the next level of IMC Business. The Ruby Star in which you are awarded the Ruby Star Associate Award. In which your profit level is 44%. That’s why you have to make three qualified superstars below you to come on force and here you are eliminated from the side maintenance.


If you reach this level, you are awarded a Leadership Bonus of 13%. In which 2% of the traveling fund is given. Motorbike Fund 2%, Car Fund 2% and Meeting Fund 0.5%.

Level.9 Diamond Star

Friends, the next level of IMC business is Diamond Star, in which Diamond Star Associate Award is given in which your profit label is 47%. To get to this level, you have to make four qualified superstars below you. Here also you do not have to worry about side maintenance.


Friends, at this level you get 13% Leadership Bonus 2% Traveling Fund 2% Motorbike Fund 2% Car Fund 2% House Fund and 0.5% Meeting Fund.

Level.10 Chairman Star

Friends, the next level of IMC business is a very important level, which is named Chairman Star, in this you get Chairman Star Associate Award. On this, you get a profit level of 50%. So to get on this label, you have to make 5 qualified superstars from below you and no side maintenance is required.


Friends, after coming on this label you will get 13% Leadership Bonus 2% Traveling Fund 2% Motorbike Fund 2% Car Fund 2% House Fund Meeting Fund on 055 and two Council Chairman Fund and 4% RAB (Royal Annual Bonus) Royal Annual Bonus It is given to you by IMC. Friends, to come to this level, you get freedom of age, time and money.

IMC Profucts

Friends, if we talk about the product of IMC, then this IMC has 9 types of product variety. In which you have more than 500 products. In this, products from Health Care, Home Care, Beauty Care, Personal Care and Animal Veterinary as well as Agriculture Sector are also available with IMC.

You can create free online discount card to buy IMC products. On which you get a discount of 40% and to take this 40% discount, IMC has more than 6000 shops all over India as well as friends more than 18000 distributors give you service all over India.

Who is the Director of IMC Business?

The director of IMC is Dr. Ashok Bhatia.

Who is the Managing Director of IMC Business?

Mr. Satyan Bhatia is the Managing Director of IMC.

Is IMC Business registered with IDSA?

Yes IMC Business is registered by IDSA.

When was IMC established?

IMC Business was established on 7th April 2007, the day of World Health Day.

What is bp in imc business.

In IMC business, BP gets business value, which you get when you buy a product.

What is DP and AP in IMC Business?

In IMC business, BP gets a discount price and AP gets an associate price.

In this information we learned about imc business, if you need any kind of information about imc business then [inderblogger[@]gmail.com] can contact on We will give you complete free information about joining and about it.

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