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Hello Friends if you also want to use. Happn app want to know more about using Happn Application, then we will tell you what is Happn Application in this new information of Newsancher. And how to use it. Will learn about it.

Happn app use kaise karen

If you want to make too. If you are your friend to the unknown people around you from Online Mobile App, then you have to read our complete information. Today we are going to tell you about such an app. With which you can do friendship with the girls living near you.

What is Happn App?

Happn is an Indian Location Based Social Searching Mobile Application. In which you can make friends with unknown boys and girls around your location. Friendship does not mean that you can become friends immediately. But with the help of this happn app, you can chat with any girl and be friends with her. And you can also date together with them.

How to Download Happn App?

Downloading Happn Application is very simple. You can download it available for Android, Windows Phone and IOS. To download you can click on the option below.

Download For Android
Download For Windows phone
Download For ios

Features of Happn Application ?

  • On Happn Application you can easily chat with the people near you. And you can like and dislike their post profile.
  • Through this app, you get to know from the status of your partner that on which license your Patner is.
  • If your Dating Partner is passing near you. Then you also get information about it in happn app.
  • This app first shows the list of people in front of you on the basis of your similarity.
  • You can also put an age limit in this. The option of how many years of Prtner you need is also given.
  • Say Hi Option has been given so that you can Hi anyone in One Click.
  • To create an account, you do not have to fill much details, just connect your Facebook account.

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How to create Happn App Account?

Step.1 To use Happn Application, you have to download it first. And after downloading, install and open it.

Step.2 As soon as you open Happn Application. You have to create an account in it. For which you can connect your facebook id to it.

Step.3 Just after connecting Facebook Id successfully, your Happn app account is created. It takes Age, Name and Profile from your Facebook Id.

Let’s know now. Happn Application Use Kaise.

How to use Happn App?

  • To use Happn app, first you have to download and create an account by following the above steps.
  • After the account is created, you have to keep the location of your mobile phone GPS On. By which it searches the Happn User near you.
  • After searching, you get a list of all the Happn Users near you. Out of which if you like any, then you have to touch on the red color’s Dil icon.
  • And if a cross comes from there too, then understand that friendship has been accepted from there as well. If the cross does not come, then you can understand that your other partner is not interested in him.

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How Happn Application works.

As we have already told you this is a Location Based Application. And to use it, you have to turn your phone’s location GPS on. So if there is anyone near you.

Who uses Happn application. So this app shows it first in your Happn App based on the location. Due to which everyone remains connected to the location. And Happn Application also gives its location easily.

Friends Happn App is made for Friendship. Through which you can make new friends. However, it also comes under the category of Dating App.

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