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What is ESR Test, Price, Precautions and Normal Range?

Today we will talk about this ESR Test, what is this text, why and how it is done, what can be the reasons for its increase or decrease, we will know about all these.


What is ESR Test?

ESR or Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate is the rate at which ERythrocytes accumulate on the anticoagulant sample. The speed of accumulation of erythrocytes depends on two things.

  1. Proceeding factors such as fibrinogen
  2. Anti Sedimentation Factors like Zeta Potential

What does ESR test reveal? By doing ESR test, I can find out whether the patient has any chronic inflammatory condition or not.

How is ESR test done?

The ESR test requires a blood sample that is taken from the patient’s arm.

Are there any precautions to be taken before doing ESR test?

No special precautions are required before doing the ESR test. No specific instruction is given before doing this test. But usually the sample is taken in the morning.

What is ESR Test Normal Value Reference Range?

The reference range for ESR test is 15-20 mm/hr for males, 20-30 mm/hr for females and 3-13 mm/hr for young children.

  • Male- 15-20mm/hr
  • Female – 20-30mm/hr
  • Child- 3-13mm/hr

What does increasing ESR mean?

If this head increases, it means that the patient may have a chronic disease like TV, apart from this, the ESR also increases in autoimmune diseases.

Are there any other tests done along with the ESR test?

This is a specific test, so many tests like Hemogram, CRP test are usually done with it.

Can ESR increase even in the same situation?

Pregnancy, the time of menstruation or aging can increase ESR.

Does taking medicines affect ESR?

Yes, taking medicines has an effect on ESR like Methyldopa, Vitamin A and Contraceptive medicines increase ESR. Asprin and Steroids Reduce ESR

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