What is Diarrhea Symptoms, type, cause and treatment?

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What is Diarrhea – In this side of Hindi Life Care, today we will tell you about Diarrhea, What is Diarrhea, Types of Diarrhea, Symptoms of Diarrhea and some Home Remedies for Diarrhea What should we eat and what not to eat in Daria. We will also tell you in this information.

What is Diarrhea, what is its type, cause and treatment

Diarrhea is a common disease, but it becomes a little serious problem, it is most common in summer and rainy season, the main reason behind this is dirt. Almost everyone has faced diarrhea at some point in their life.

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What is Diarrhea, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Diarrhea

Diarrhea If a person has loose motions or has to go to the bathroom frequently, vomiting is also accompanied by frequent diarrhea, or diarrhea may occur. Norovirus and infection are one of the causes of diarrhea.
The problem of diarrhea is also common and it is also dangerous, in some cases diarrhea lasts only for a few days and in some cases it can become life-threatening as well. To understand more, let us know about its types.

Types of Diarrhea

There are three types of diarrhea, we will tell the father about them in this information below.

  1. Watery diarrhea Acute battery diarrhea-This can last for several hours or days. It can also be caused by a cholera infection.
  2. blood in diarrhea (acute bloody diarrhoea)It comes with water like material, but blood also comes with the stool, it is learned to slip.
  3. Persistent diarrhea (President’s diarrhea)-It lasts 14 days or more

due to diarrhea

  • There are many causes of diarrhea, which we are going to tell you about here.
  • No. 1 Most cause of diarrhea is infection in Gesto title track Consumption of contaminated water and food can also cause diarrhea
  • Traveling too much yet eating food can cause diarrhea
  • Medicines such as antibiotics or stomach-clearing medicine can also cause diarrhea.
  • Remember raw meat, only consuming cooked meat can cause diarrhea.
  • Diarrhea can be similar to rotavirus in children
  • Diarrhea can also occur if contaminated water enters the stomach during swimming.
  • Diarrhea can also occur due to hot weather, when babies teeth come out, they may have diarrhea, at that time their gums are itchy, then they start lifting anything and running due to which they start having stomach problems, let’s now diarrhoea. get to know the symptoms of

Diarrhea Symptoms

After the symptoms of diarrhea, many times the diarrhea gets better without treatment, but in some cases, medical attention is needed, it is better to pay attention to it in time if diarrhea is to be treated properly.
So first it is important to know about the symptoms of diarrhea so that it can be treated properly, after telling the cause of diarrhea, now we tell you the direct symptoms

  • Abdominal pain
  • swelling
  • abdominal cramps
  • weight loss
  • fever
  • blood in stool
  • persistent vomiting
  • frequent loose motions
  • body pain
  • frequent thirst
  • dehydration
  • Headache

These are all important symptoms of diarrhea

home remedies for diarrhea prevention

For the treatment of diarrhoea, you can treat it at home by making that juice solution, in this information we know how to make that solution.
To make friends and flowers, first you have to boil 1 liter of water, when the boiled water is lukewarm, add 6 teaspoons of sugar and a teaspoon of salt and mix it well.
After mixing the sugar and salt in boiled lukewarm water, now you have to drink it every time you have loose motions.


Coconut water is very beneficial for diarrhea, for this you have to drink a glass of fresh coconut water daily.
Coconut water balances the rehydration level in the office body. Rehydration is recovered in the red area.

green raw banana

In case of diarrhea, you can eat raw banana by adding a little salt to it.
Now in the river, after filtering the water of cooked rice, drink half a kilo of rice water immediately after in loose motion during diara.

what to eat in diarrhea

We will tell you what to eat in diarrhea, you should eat in diarrhea

  • banana
  • from curd
  • steamed rice
  • A dish in South Asian cuisine made of rice and lentils
  • boiled potato
  • drink lots of water
  • Instead of eating all at once, eat everything in small intervals for some time.

what not to eat in diarrhea

Above we told what should be eaten in diarrhea, with this, let us now know what we should not eat in diarrhea

  • Spicy foods in diary
  • fried things
  • outside food junk food
  • can food
  • Dry Fruits
  • Liquor
  • dairy products
  • raw vegetables
  • citrus fruit
  • Things Like Caffeine You Shouldn’t Eat in King

What to do to prevent diarrhea

After knowing the symptoms due to diarrhea, after knowing the home remedies, now we know what should be done in diarrhea so that I can avoid diarrhea.

  • Wash your hands after touching any animal, even if it is a waste.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after coming from outside and before eating
  • Eat food in a place that is clean
  • Do not eat raw half-boiled eggs; before cooking, remove the vegetables well
  • Wash fruits thoroughly before eating
  • Do not eat stale food or food kept in the fridge

If there is more problem of diarrhea, then you must contact the nearest doctor because if the diarrhea is not taken care of in time, then it can take it seriously.
By following the above mentioned home remedies, you can control diarrhea to some extent, but if the condition worsens, you must consult your nearest doctor.

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