What is blogging, how is blogging done?

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How to do blogging – Welcome friends, today’s information is going to be very important in our Hindi Blog Newsancher, because in today’s information I will tell you what is blogging and how to do blogging and if you want to make your blog then Where and how are blocks made? You will also know about this in this information.

Friends, on this website, I keep writing very important information in Hindi language for you guys. Most of all, on this website, I share information related to technology among you in Hindi. So you have to read it carefully.

What is Blogging

Friends, blogging is one such area where you can earn a lot of income. Friends, I am also a blogger and I also earn money from blogging if you are interested in blogging then you can earn so much money that can fulfill all your needs. But how to start blogging and what is blogging in the end, it would be very appropriate to study about it first.

What is Blogging?

Friends, whenever you have to take any information from the Internet, then you start searching it through a browser in your mobile and computer, laptop and the information you search by writing through the browser on the Internet. That written word is called keyword in blogging language.

And whenever you search anything in any search engine, many results related to its keyword come in front of you. In the result, you get many websites, on which the article is found which you are searching, then for this you go to any website and you get that information. Now any website on which we have got this information is called blog or website. And the person who posted or uploaded that information is called blogger.

So it was a matter of thinking that from where we got this information, after all, where and how we get this information easily on the internet.

So friends, people who put information on the internet like this are called bloggers and in this way the act of working on the internet is called blogging.

Whatever keywords you search by typing in the Internet, then the Internet starts showing you in the search result in front of you by searching the information of the post of the website related to that ward in its dictionary.

How To Start Blogging

If you want to do blogging then you have to create a blog for that. We are going to tell you below about how to create a block / website, please read the complete information.

How to Make a Blog/website

If you also want to make a blog or website of your own, then you can. There are many platforms to create a blog. But the most popular ways are blogger.com and wordpress.com. Before creating a blog, you should first think about your interest, before you blog, you must first think about what you have more knowledge about and in which we are more interested.

Because when we know more about someone then we can well tell about it to anyone. And we will be more interested in doing that work i.e. interest will also be there and due to being interest, success will also come soon.

Where to create a blog (Blogging Platform)

If we talk about creating a blog, then the platform is the most popular, first is Google’s blogger.com and second is wordpress.com, we will tell you how to create a block here in both ways.

How to Make a Free Website/Blog on Blogger

The simplest way is to create a blog on Blogger, this is a service of Google, where you can easily create your own free blog. By selecting a domain name of yours and here you can also create a blog for free.

If you want to create a blog for free, then you can easily create a blog for free on Google’s blogger.com. But if it is made for free, you will have to make it on Google’s blogspot.com, which you cannot customize. With which the subdomain will be written. Like- www.hindihelp4u.blogspot.com In this you can see if you are creating a block for free by calling, but then Blogspot will be associated with your block, you will have to buy a domain to remove it.

How to create a free blog on Blogger or we have given information in our other articles, we are giving the link of the information below. By clicking on it, you can study about how to make a free website by blocking it.

How to Make a WordPress Blog/website

WordPress is a third party platform where you need to have a hosting and domain to create a website or blog. Here you do not have to buy a hosting before making a website, along with it you have to take your domain name as well, we will tell you about how to make wallpaper block in our next post.

where to blog

You can do blogging by selecting either Blogger or WordPress. If you are a newbie, then you can create your website using Google’s blogger.com free service, so that you will gradually get to know about it.

what to do blogging on

If you are thinking on which topic to do blogging, then you should first know about your interest, you should also be more interested in this topic, make a blog related to it.

Today we have told you about what is blogging in this information, how blogging is done, hope that you have understood the information, in this way subscribe to our blog to get new information and share your information.

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