What is Blog SEO How to Work Search Engine optimization?

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Today in this article we will know what is Search Engine optimization. How to do SEO So first of all we know what is the full form of SEO, and then we will know complete information about Search Engine optimization in detail.

What is SEO. The most important thing for a website is organic traffic and the biggest source of organic traffic is the search engine. Which plays the most important role in ranking any website.


Many people who make their own blog or website. But they do not have proper knowledge about SEO, what is SEO after all. And how SEO is done. Many people consider SEO to make backlinks, which is a half-incomplete information.

Until we know what SEO is. It does not have complete information. Till then we keep working with half incomplete SEO optimization. And if we don’t get good result for our blog then we get disappointed.

What is SEO, how to do search engine optimization?

Do you know how many blog posts are published on the Internet in 1 day, if you do not know, then you will be surprised to know that more than 20 lakh blocks are published daily only on WordPress, and talking about other blogging platforms, then this number It is very difficult to guess.

If we talk about only one article, then lakhs of posts are written on only one article. Of which only a few come in Google search, which is 0.0005% of the total number of articles published on an article in 1 day. Having said that 99.99% of the blocks are not even in Google’s top 100 list.

And the biggest reason for this is SEO, if you want to make a career in blogging, then you have to understand this topic very seriously because if you do not have complete knowledge of SEO then you will not be able to bring traffic to your blog and make money in blogging. Will not be able to earn

What is the full form of SEO (SEO Full Form)?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

It is a technique through which we optimize any article or website to rank high in search engines. Meaning, through this technique, we make any block post compatible with the search engine algorithm so that any block written by us, this website post will trend on the top in the search engine.

And we all know that the website trends in the first place in the search engines, it attracts 50% of the traffic at its height. Which is enough to make a website popular. This search engine can be Google,Yahoo, bing Talking about India and the world, when we talk about Internet search engine, the name of Google comes first in our mind, because this search engine is the most used in the whole world. Is.

That’s why everyone does their blog on it according to the Search Engine optimization Algorithm, next we will talk about all these rhythm factors, by optimizing which we will know how to bring the block to the first page of Google First of all we have to know that How Search Engine optimization Works.

How SEO works

How SEO Works. It is very important to come because until we do not know about it, we will not understand what SEO is in the right way. What is Search Engine optimization. and how it works. To know this we have to first understand how search engine works then we will be able to know how SEO works.

How to Work Search Engine?

To understand or understand how the search engine works, we have to first understand the basic of the search engine, so let us first understand about the basic of the search engine.

We all know that search engine is search machine but when we talk about SEO factor then we will know that search engine is a search machine which can answer any question asked by any user through website or blog on internet. shows from.

Search engines have three primary functions.

  1. Crawl- Each search engine has its own bot that calls queries containing information related to searches on the Internet to answer the search query. After which the process of indexing takes place.
  2. Index- Stores and organizes the material found during the scrolling process. After which the process of rendering the page in a sequential manner starts.
  3. Rank- It then shows the items with the most accurate and correct information in a hierarchical manner. The rank is determined on the basis of algorithm.

For example, when we say anything in Google or any search engine, the search engine board crawls all the web pages on the Internet related to that information, then arranges them and displays the most accurate and correct information pages in its own way. Is.

There are a lot of factors responsible for the ranking of these pages which we know as algorithms. Each search engine has its own different algorithm. But there are some fundamental factors. Which are similar to every search engine.

With these algorithms, more websites and pages rank higher in search engines. For what reason do we do this, let us know about them. First we will learn about SEO keywords and then we will learn about ranking factor.

What is SEO Keyword?

Friends, when we search something in Google, it is called keyword in the language of SEO of Google. For example like someone did a google what is internet search here what is internet it is a question for common man this is keyboard in seo language. So you know about Search Engine optimization, now let’s talk further.

What are the algorithmic factors for Search Engine Rank.

There are many factors to rank any website at the top. But the basic factor which is most important for any website. I’m going to tell you here. These factors are most important for such a sum of any website. Let us know about the basic SEO factors.

  1. Content- The most important thing for any website or blog is its content. The topic above should be comprehensive and the method of writing should also be simple and attractive, write quality content and the length of the post should be at least 1000 words.
  2. Freshness- Keep updating the old information as it is written because everything changes with time. So keep innovation in your blog or article and try to keep updating the blog regularly.
  3. Backlink- Backlinks are like the backbone of any website and translinking backlink is the most important dofollow backlinks means similar link so try to make bank link from website similar to your website.
  4. Mobile Friendly- Nowadays most of the internet is used through mobile. That’s why your website should be mobile friendly, user should not have any problem with the side interface, this is one of the most important and major factors of ranking.
  5. Page Speed- If the loading time of a website is more then any user will exit from your website and your bounce rate will also increase which is a negative point for any website. So the page speed should be good and the page loading time should be at least 3 seconds.
  6. schema code- This is a very important factor for Local SEO if you are wondering how to rank high in Google. Schema markup makes it easier for search engines to understand phone numbers, addresses, etc. This is especially important for local businesses.
  7. Social Signal-They are very helpful in increasing the traffic of any website and it also increases the reach of your website, share your blog post on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest from where you get traffic and backlinks.
  8. https- HTTPS is one of the important ranking factors according to Google Webmaster Central Lock. That’s why you must use SSL on your website, what impacts the user as well and the algorithm is very good for the rules.
  9. User Experience- User experience means when you visit a website, it is very important that how was the experience on visiting that site. If the website is not as per your convenience according to your mind, then you will not want to visit that website again. Therefore, make your content such that the user visits your website again and again and they get the basic information.

Type of SEO

By now you guys know what is SEO and how does it work. About SEO Eligible Types How many types of SEO are there, let us know about them.

If we talk about the types of SEO, then there are many types of SEO. Now you must be thinking that till now you have read about On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, you have heard it.

So how am I saying about different types of SEO guys, looking at the business module of the internet today SEO has become very detailed. Where On Page SEO comes in Basic Search Engine optimization Category. The same local SEO and voice search seo is also becoming very competitive in today’s market.

Here we will discuss about four types of SEO.

1.On Page SEO

More technology like them is very important for any website. Through this technology we optimize the posts and keywords of our website or blog. And the searches tell the search engines where the answers to the questions users searched for are provided. Simply put, On Page SEO refers to the changes that you make on your side that positively affect its performance.

In On Page SEO we make our blog really friendly. And follow all those factors which are the priority of any search engine.

Many of which come on as many factors as you like content page speed user experience mobile first and ssl etc.

2.Off Page SEO

Your SEO depends on external factors that affect the performance of your side. You can control On Page SEO. But you cannot control off page SEO response. The second major factor is to boost your search engine rankings.

And the most important part of it is social media sharing. In which you get many benefits, for example if you have shared your website on Facebook, then you will also get priority from Facebook and your website gets promoted.

3.Local SEO

If you want to spread your business locally through internet. So you should pay attention to how people are doing it can be easy and very difficult depending on the circumstances. It depends on the competition at the local level.

This kind of strategy helps you focus on using those strategies. Which helps to reach you and your local customers. This is a great way to generate more traffic and users for your business.

How to do Local SEO

  1. Like I said, it largely depends on the competition. Your information and product quality must be the best.
  2. Create your business page in the business directory and also provide a link to your website.
  3. Make your page on social media Share complete information about your product and its theme.
  4. Promote your website on free classifieds website.
  5. There are many other methods that can be used at the local Search Engine optimization and should continue to be studied and practiced.

4.Voice Search SEO

All the factors used for any content are used in Voice Search SEO. The title description of the topic voice content you create should be in Search Engine optimization format, so that it can be known what the content of that voice audio is.

This is the technology we have talked about so far. White Hat SEO and now we will learn about Black Hat SEO.

5.Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO refers to those techniques and strategies. Which colors any website or article by deceiving the sperm on the search engine. Through this technique, any website can be ranked faster than White Hat Search Engine optimization.

This is a risky technique, if confirmed, the website may be de-indexed, or listed as a sperm website. Which can be very annoying for anyone, any intelligent person should stay away from this type of technology, use this technique only if you want to promote some of your own content for a short time.

Hope you know what is SEO and how does SEO work. If you have understood the complete information about it, in this information we have tried to give you complete information about Search Engine optimization. If you have any query regarding SEO, please ask me in the comment below and I will answer your question if you want to share this article with your friends. So please share it on social media facebook, twitter etc.

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