What is Bank Account CIF Number,how to Get it?

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Bank Account CIF Number File- CIF Number is a very important file number of your bank account. By which the details of your account are known.

Bank Account CIF Number

If you are searching what is CIF, how to know CIF Number, then you will get details about CIF in this information. In our previous post related to bank, we had told about IFSC, how IFSC Code of Bank Branches can find out. If you do not know about it, then you can be complete.

What is Bank Account CIF Number.

Bank Account CIF is a Unique Code Digital and Virtual File. Which is different for each bank and all bank account numbers have a different number or file. In which the complete details of that account are saved.

Let me tell you that if your account is in any one bank and you want to open another account in the same bank, then this will never happen. Because as soon as you go to open another account in that bank. So as soon as you enter your details, your first bank account will come. By which the bank officer gets to know. That is why you can open only one account in one bank.

What is CIF Full Form

If you do not know the full form of CIF and you want to know what is the full form of CIF, then we tell you. Full Form of CIF Customer Information File in which Your account details are there.

How to find CIF Number?

There are many ways to find out the CIF number of your bank account. About which you will know Step by Step below.

Let us tell you that the CIF of all the banks is of different and different Digit like-

  • Axis Bank– 4 Digit
  • CBI (Central Bank of India)- 10 Digit
  • HDFC Bank – 8 digit
  • SBI (State Bank Of India)- 11 digit

How to find CIF number in Passbook?

The easiest way is to find the CIF number of your account. You will definitely have a passbook for your bank account. In which the CIF code of your bank account is given. If you have not paid attention, then it does not matter, we are telling you

Passbook me Bank's CIF Number

While opening an account in the bank, you are given a passbook. In which the details of your bank account are information. And the personal information of the account like Account, Name is printed. In which the CIF number of your account is also printed. Which you can see in the image above.

Check CIF Number in Internet Banking Account?

Internet banking is such a facility by using which you can Bank Account can be fully managed. If you have Internet Banking Account then-

Step.1 First login your account whether it is of SBI or CBI in whichever you have bank account.

Step.2 After logging in, you have to go to the My Account and Profile section.

Step.3 Where in My Account Summary you have to go to View Nomination and Pan Details.

Step.4 Now your Account Number and CIF Number will be shown in front of you.

See CIF number in check book?

if you have your Bank Account If you have a check book, then you can see the CIF code in it too.


Know Account CIF from Bank Branch?

You can also find out the CIF of your bank account from the bank branch. For this you have to go to your bank branch and ask the customer care officer. You can also find out by calling.

Yes, by calling on your Register Mobile Number Se Bank’s customer care number, you can Puch the CIF number of your account by telling the details of your account.

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