What is APMC, Know apmc rules and regulations?

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APMC in Hindi Hello friends today we are going to talk. About Agricultural Produce Marketing Limited. Which we know as APMC.


There is always some ruckus on a bill, for this the government implemented an act, which we know by the name of APMC Act, in today’s information we will know what is APMC Act. And what relief will the farmers get under this APMC Act.

Complete Information of APMC (APMC in Hindi)

What is the full name of APMC (APMC Full Form)

The Hindi name of APMC is Agricultural Produce Marketing Limited and APMC Act stands for Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee Act. APMC in English is Agriculture produce Market Committee.

What is APMC

Farmers getting the right price for their right remedy is not a problem even today, after independence, a lot of efforts were made in front of it, after this, in the 1970s, agricultural marketing committees were formed under agriculture marketing, which is called APMC in short form.

Under this committee, the farmers were to be saved from the uncertainties of the market. After the implementation of the APMC Act, commendable work has been done to bring order in the agricultural markets and to prevent exploitation of farmers at the hands of middlemen.

Most of the states used to have their own APMC Acts, but after the law came at the central level, its real purpose could not be successful because the APMC system could not be developed according to the time and need, there was an increase in the market structure but Sir Plus Agri Committee The purchases were not able to keep pace with the increase in sales.

No attempt was made to increase its modernization and competitive environment. With the passage of time, many states have increased the fee charged in APMC mandis more, for example, taxed rural development funds in the mandis in any welfare device. Similarly, commission agents for fruits and vegetables in some mandis charged 4% to 8% fee.

What is APMC Act.

Under the APMC Act, whatever charge is fixed by the state government, it is the farmers who ultimately die, the situation is even worse that the charge of 2% is also fixed in the government procurement, whatever products are sold in the market, the farmers have to buy it before the farmers. If the government also wants to buy wheat or donations, it will first buy it from the farmers, then FCI will buy it. In this way, the power of the MPC Act has been used to generate resources or to serve the interests of middlemen.

The difference of opinion between the farmers who get the price of their produce and the price that the customers have to pay for the food in the plate is called Farm to Four price hike.

Advantages of APMC

  • It is the responsibility of the marketers to earthize various commission agents or traders to prevent various buying and selling activities related to agricultural produce. In other words license raj is prevalent in today’s liberal India as traders have to take license before doing any activity.
  • According to this act the state is divided into different markets on the basis of geography and any other principal or markets.
  • Managed by market committees These markets are constituted by the state governments. The market committee consists of 10 members who are elected or nominated by the government but elections are rare.

Farmers can only send their agricultural produce to these commission agents either through personal relation or through the process of auction. Wholesalers and retailers are forced to buy agricultural produce only from these agents or traders.

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