What is Acute and Chronic, Acute Meaning Chronic Meaning?

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There are two types of disease, infection and pain in our body Acute and Chronic. So in today’s information, we are going to know about this, we will tell you complete information about acute infection and chronic infection, acute disease and chronic disease, acute pan and chronic pan.

Acute and Chronic Disease

What is Acute and Chronic Disease?

Acute and chronic disease means when pathogens like bacteria and viruses enter our healthy body, then disease occurs. So according to the duration, there are 2 types of diseases. Which is called Chronic and Acute Disease.

Acute Disease- Day by day, the disease we face, which is a disease and gets over by eating medicine, such as fever, we call it acute disease.

Chronic Disease– Such disease which stays with us throughout life is called chronic disease like sugar blood pressure

What is Acute Pain and Chronic Pain

Pain occurs in our body in 2 ways,

  1. Acute pain
  2. Chronic pain

Acute Pain- Acute pain is the pain that occurs due to injury or damage to an organ. Usually this pain can last up to 6 months.

Chronic Pain– Chronic pain is that pain which remains even after 6 months of recovery after injury or damage of any other day, then we call it chronic pain.

What is Acute and Chronic Infection?

There are two types of infections in our body.

  1. Acute Infection
  2. Chronic infection

Such an infection which stays in our body for a few days and gets eradicated by eating medicine, such infection is called Acute infection.

Similarly Acute and Chronic inflammation, acute and chronic Hepatitis and other Disease and Infection with Acute and Chronic is applied.

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