Which documents will you keep with you while driving Bike?

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Hello friends, whether you have a new bike or an old bike and if you drive a vehicle then what are the necessary documents to keep with it. If caught during checking, no fine can be imposed for showing it.


Which documents are necessary which are asked by the traffic officer while riding the bike. What are your rights during vehicle checking? What are the powers of a traffic officer? During checking, you will also know about asking and viewing documents and how much is fine if you do not have which documents.

What documents should I carry with my bike?

1.RC (Registration Certificate)

Friends, the first document that you have to keep with you while driving is the copy of RC, it is a very important document. Because it shows that your vehicle is registered with the Government of India.

This RC document is received by the RTO office after your vehicle is registered. It contains the complete details of your vehicle. Chassis Number Registration Number Class Registration Date of Vehicle Variety of Vehicle You get all the information inside the RC. So this is your most important document while driving.

If the vehicle does not have RC, a fine of up to 5000 can be imposed by the traffic police.

2.Insurance Certificate

While traveling by motor bike, it is very important to have an insurance certificate which should be barred, not expired, this insurance certificate contains the name of the insurance provider, the policy number, the insurance limit, everything is given in detail and as per the Motor Vehicle Act. According to this, it is necessary to take at least a third party liability insurance policy for every vehicle.

And if your vehicle does not have an insurance certificate and you are caught during checking, then a fine of up to ₹ 2000 can be deducted by the traffic police.

3.Driving License

It is very important to have a driving license while traveling with a bike motorcycle. Driving License Result is issued to the Office of Transport MP RTO Office. It is very important to have it with you and it should be a ballot, if you do not have a driving license, then the traffic police can cut a challan up to ₹ 5000.

4.Pollution Certificate

As you know how much pollution is caused by vehicles, so the engine of vehicles is being upgraded again and again, BS3, BS4 and BS6, so this is the pollution certificate. You must have this, friends, this certificate is from the transport department of any state, it is authorised. It is a very low cost certificate to issue.

It becomes at least ₹100 for 1 year. So you must have a pollution certificate, which should be balance, this time it should not happen, this traffic policeman is definitely asked. If you do not have a pollution certificate, you can be fined from 5000 to 10000 by the traffic officer.


Friends, the next thing that is not a document is a helmet used for safety. If a traffic police officer catches you without a helmet, he can deduct a challan of ₹ 1000 and can also suspend your driving license for 3 months. Its right is with the traffic police, which is for our safety.

Is the copy of driving license valid?

Many people keep the color copy driving license with them instead of the original driving license. When the traffic cops check his car, and ask for a driving licence, he shows the color Xerox driving licence. According to the rules of the RTO, if you show the Xerox driving license, then the traffic police officer can deduct the fine challan on you. Because copy driving license is not valid as per the rules.

What are the rights of a traffic police officer during checking?

Let us now know about the traffic police and what are your rights during checking.

  1. If the traffic police is in his dress uniform, then he can demand any document from you which is related to the vehicle, then he has to show you all the necessary documents related to your vehicle.
  2. And you have the right to see the ID card of the traffic police officer.
  3. So let me tell you that if any traffic police officer checks your car, then he cannot remove your car key. It is not his right.
  4. Apart from this, if the traffic police is keeping any of your documents with you, then you have every right to take receipt when your documents are kept.
  5. Let’s assume that a traffic police is currently checking the vehicle, during the lot of checking, if a document is missing, on the spot police cannot challan, if someone is an officer above the SI rank, then he can deduct the on-the-spot challan.
  6. Apart from this, if a woman / girl is driving a car and she is being checked after 6:30, then she can demand a woman constable.
  7. Apart from this, the traffic police officer can seize the vehicle and can also cancel the license.

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