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Blog Or Website Loading Time Performance Check– Welcome To News Ancher Do you know how much is the speed (loading time) of your website. If you do not know, then in today’s information, we can check the speed performance of any blog or website of yours. Web page loading time is very important for Search Engine and User Experience. If the load time of your site is good, then Google indexes your posts quickly. And your blog ranks well.

Website loading time check 3 tools in hindi

If you also have a blog and website, then you will know how important it is to improve the speed of your blog. The site does not rank due to the low speed of the website. Due to which success is not available in the blog.

Whatever happens, the speed of your blog should be good because if the speed of your blog is not good then the search engine (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and the visitors coming to your website will also not visit your website, the visitor also likes to open the same website which is opened without loading when clicked. Otherwise, he visits another site. And the rank of your website starts decreasing gradually.

3 Way Test Your Blog Speed performence

In the next information of News Ancher, we will tell you why the website speed is low and how to increase the website blog page loading speed. For the time being, in this information you will know about the website speed test.

3 Tools to test Websites Loading Time

Below, I will tell you about 3 such Web Page Testing Tools that not only speed test your website page, post but also give suggestions to fix and improve your site’s performance as well. By following which you will tell the loading speed of your blog website as well as the size of the page (Css, Image, Html, Java and Script size), so that you will be able to know what is bad effect to your site. And how to fix it.

I will not suggest you any one of these 3 tools because these three tools are the best and I have done Speed ​​Improvement of my site with the help of these tools only. Earlier, the loading time of my blog was very high and I did not pay attention to it at all and even after my blog’s post was unquie, I could not get into the top rank in the search, after searching a lot, I came to know that the speed of my site Loading time is too much.

After this I came to know about Website Page Speed ​​Test and I reduced the loading time of my website to a great extent with the help of tools given below (Google PageSpeed ​​Insight, GT Matrix and Pingdom) In the next post, you will find all those I will tell the information that how the speed of my site worked.

If you are a WordPress user, then with the help of some popular plugins, you can be successful in making your website’s loading time work to a great extent. Let us now know about web page testing tools.

1. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights Tool-

Google PageSpeed ​​Insight- Tool is developed by Google to check the performance of the website, through which you can test the performance of your blog website. Google Speed ​​Optimize Performance ke sath sath Website is Mobile Friendly or not, it also tells you by checking.

Website-loading-time-check-Google Pagespeed Insight use in hindi

Google pagespeed Features-

  • Mobile and Desktop Analyze
  • Index speed time
  • Lab data test
  • Opportunities
  • Diagnostic

Check Your Site On Google

2. GT Matrix

GT Matrix is ​​the best tool for web page testing, which gives you complete suggestions to improve the performance of your website in every way and remove Unwanted File Scripts, Css. According to me this is the best tool to do Website Page Speed ​​Test.

Check Website Performance in Gtmatrix

GT Matrix is ​​such a site, from which you can compare the performance of your website with the performance of any other website. As you have checked Speed ​​and Optimize Performance by entering the URL of your blog, then you get the option to compare above. By clicking on which website you want to compare Speed ​​and Optimize Performance.

GT Matrix Features-

  • Page Speed ​​Score
  • Yslow Score
  • Fully Loading Time
  • Total Page Size
  • Request
  • Optimize
  • Compare With Another Website
Check Your Website

3. Pingdom

Pingdom Speed ​​Test Tool is also one of the best tools. It also gives suggestions to improve your website completely along with the loading time.

Pingdom Use kaise kare

Pingdom Fetures,

  • Performance Grade
  • Loading Time
  • Page Size
  • Request
  • Improve page performance
  • Content Size By content type
  • Content Size By Domain
Check Your Site On Pingdom

Conclusion– According to me, these 3 tools are enough to optimize the website completely, so how did you like this information to check Blog Website Speed ​​and Performance, if you have any doubts related to the post, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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