Unlock Realme Phone Forgot Locked Step by Step?

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Unlock Realme Phone- In today’s information, we will talk about how to open the lock of any Realme Phone. If you have forgotten the lock of your realme mobile, if you have forgotten the password pin lock you had set in the realme phone, then in this information we will tell how to open the realme phone lock password.


The first thing we do in our phones. To set that password so that the privacy of our phone remains intact. Although sometimes due to some reasons forget the password.

After that our phone is not able to unlock which becomes a big problem. You try a lot to open that lock but the lock is not able to open, so in today’s information, we will tell you in full detail how to open any Realme Phone Lock.

There are many ways to unlock any realme phone password lock. You can easily unlock Not For Yourself Phone Lock by listening to any of the below mentioned methods.

Unlock Realme Phone via Find My Device?

This is the easiest way to open the lock of the mobile in any real, but for this you have the email id registered in your realme phone. You should know his password.

let’s find out find my device How to Unlock Any Realme Phone Using

  • First of all, you have to open Find My Device website in any other phone or computer laptop.
  • And in that you have to sign in the email id in your realme mobile.
  • As soon as you load your email ID in Find My Device, you will see three options, in which you have to choose the Lock option here.
  • After selecting the log in option a popup window will appear where you will get the option to set a new password for the device and also to set a recovery email id.
  • Recovery Email ID After setting a new password, you have to unlock those realme phones through the same password.

We hope that you have unlocked your Realme Phone by following our mentioned steps. If you are not able to unlock your Real Me phone in this way, then there are many more ways, let’s know about them.

Open Realme Phone Lock through Google Account?

You must know that all mobile phones have a Google account. This is the safest way to unlock realme phone follow the steps given below to unlock realme phone through google account.

  • Input the wrong password several times in your realme phone, after which an option of Forgot Password will appear in front of you.
  • You have to click on the option with Forgot Password.
  • After which you will get the option to login through your Google account.
  • You have to login to your Google account by entering Google Account password.
  • After which some verification will be done. And after the verification process is completed, your realme phone will be unlocked.

So in this way you can unlock real me phone through google account.

Unlock Realme Phone Using Hardreset?

Using this method you can easily unlock phone lock in real. But during this method all the data of your mobile will be deleted if you have made a backup, then it does not matter but if you have not made a backup then you will lose all the data of your mobile.

This is the way to unlock Realme Phone by completely formatting the phone to get hard reset, so let’s know step by step how to hard reset realme phone.

  • Firstly your realme phone Switch off Do it
  • After that by pressing Power and Volume up together Recovery Mode Do it.
  • After a few seconds, the Realme logo will appear in the phone and Recovery Mode and Factory The reset option will appear.
  • Valume Down And Volume up button By using you have to go to the option of Wipe data. anymore Power Button by clicking Ok Have to do
  • After which you can see that your realme phone will be completely hard reset, after this process is completed, your phone is completely reset, and you have to set up your phone again like a new phone.

So in today’s information, we learned about unlock Realme Phone, if you have any query related to this information, then ask us by commenting below.

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