UAN Number Activation- How to Activate EPFO ​​UAN Number?

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UAN Number Activation- This information is for those people who have not yet activated their UAN number, then in today’s information we will know step by step how to activate the UAN number. EPFO has recently changed its those activated portal. Changes have been made in this How to Activate UAN Number.

What is the way to activate the UN number and what information do we have to take to activate it, what documents should be there so that we will be able to activate our UN number online. Let’s know about it.

If your UN number is activated, then after entering those numbers, you have been activated above, it is written in it, your number is already activated. (Uan is already activated use forget password link in case you have forgotten the password) It means if your this number is already activated then no need to activate again if you have forgotten the password. So here you can create the password again by clicking on the option of Forget Pasaword. But here you have to activate the UAN number.

UAN Number Activation Information

Important things before activating the UN number

  • First of all, you have been given in the instruction, enter the same information in EPFO ​​which is necessary to be in EPFO. Whatever you enter here, the details should be available in the detail record of EPFO, only then you will be able to activate your UAN number.
  • Aadhar number, name, date of birth of the member should be matched, UAN should be in the records of EPFO.
  • Member should have registered mobile number which should be registered with UIDAI Aadhar and also registered in PF account.
  • The member’s Aadhaar date of birth, name, EPFO ​​details and Aadhaar details should be matched, then only your UAN number will be activated. The point is to say that the details in your EPFO ​​should be matched with your Aadhaar details.

Earlier, if Aadhaar details and EPFO ​​details did not match. Even then your UAN number would get activated. But now those people whose Aadhar card details will not be received by EPFO, if there is any mistake, then their UN number will not be activated.

UAN Number Activation Process 

The process of activating UAN number keeps changing day by day, recently EPFO ​​has changed the way of activating the UN number.

  • First of all you have to go to your browser, if you want to use mobile then go to your mobile’s browser or if you are using laptop/computer then laptop should go to any chrome browser.
  • Now in your browser EPFO official website have to go in
  • Now the official website of UN i.e. PF EPFO ​​will open where you get the option of Activate UAN in the important links after scrolling down, click on it.
  • After that a new page will open with you as you can see in the image below. Here you get two options to activate your UN number.
  1. UAN Number- If you want to activate the UN number by entering your hero number, then you can do it by entering this number.
  2. Member id – If you have a member ID, then you can also activate your UN number through this because if you work in more than one company, then you will have different IDs, then you can activate this ID’s Yuva number. Want to enter his member ID here.

After that below you can see that the option on which the star mark is put is to be filled like you have to enter your Aadhaar number, mobile number, name and your date of birth.

After filling all the information correctly, you have to click on Activity On, you get the option to verify the activation of life through OTP, after casting your vote your number will be updated.

What is a member id

What is a member id, let’s know about it, you also get your member id on the website of EPFO, if you have maintained an account on EPFO, now login to it and go to the service option, in the service details of all your companies. Different member IDs can be seen, it is of number 22, which is called member id. This is a different member ID in all the companies you work in.

If you have worked many times in the same company, that is, after leaving once and working again, then the member ID is different for that too. But those numbers will be yours only. That is, your member id can be more than one but those numbers will remain only one.

Friends, this process can be done by you as well. Umang app is an application made by the Government of India, as you download it in your mobile and you will get information about all the schemes of the government and all the applications of the government under this application.

I hope this information was helpful to you, if you have any problem regarding activating EPFO ​​i.e. UAN Number, then you can tell us by commenting below, we will tell you the solution of the problem for that.

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