How to transfer money from Phonepe to Bank (Send Money From Phonepe To Bank)?

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How to transfer money from Phonepe to Bank, so friends are going to talk about today’s information. About transfer money from phonepe to bank. As Phonepe ek UPI Application. Through it get many facilities like bill payment, mobile recharge, money transfer.


How can you transfer money from your bank account to any other bank account, if you do not know about it, then we will tell you about it.

What is necessary to send money from Phonepe to bank?

Bank where you are sending money through phonepe. Must have IFSC Code of that bank’s account number. With only two things, you can transfer money to any bank.

How to transfer money from Phonepe to Bank?

With PhonePe, we can easily transfer money to any bank phone. So let us know how to transfer money from our bank to any other bank.

Step.1 first you Phonepe App Download It has to be done together, if you have already downloaded it on the phone, then it does not matter, let’s follow the next step.

Step.2 afterwards Phonepe Account How to Create a PhonePe Account. We have told about this earlier.

Step.3 After creating a phonepe account, now you have to link your bank account in phonepe, we have already told about how to link your bank account in phonepe, you can see by clicking on the link below.

Step.4 if you Phonepe UPI id have been made, then given to transfer money in any bank To bank Click on the option.


Step.5 After that next you have to select the bank account, for which you have to click on the plus icon given below and select the bank in which you want to put money.


Step.6 After that you will get the option to enter bank account number and IFSC code, in which bank you are putting money. Enter his IFSC Code and Account Number. And click on Next button, just like you click on Next button.


Step.6 Now the name and father’s name of that bank account holder appears in front of you. You can verify this whether the bank account number you have entered is correct or not.


Step.7 Now you are given below Proceed To Pay Click on the option. After which you can take how much amount you want to transfer, enter that amount and click on Pay option.


As soon as you click on the Pay option, an option will appear in front of you to enter the UPI PIN, you have to enter your UPI PIN.

After entering the vipin, your payment becomes successful. So in this way you can go to the phone and transfer money to any bank account.

How to View Phonepe Transaction History?

If you want to know where we have transferred money through the phone, that is, the transaction history on the phone, then you can see it on the phone.

  1. To view the transaction history, open the application on the phone.
  2. After that you can give below in the right side an option of transaction will give click on it.
  3. Now you can give on the phone where you have done the transaction, complete history is available.

I hope that the information about transferring money from Phonepe to Bank has been received, in the same way, keep visiting our blog to get more information.

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