Tafcop portal- How many SIM numbers are active in your name Aadhaar ID?

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TAFCOp Portal- How many SIMs are running in my name Aadhaar, friends Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ie TRAI has brought a new portal which has been brought for fraud management. The name of this portal is TAFCOP Portal

By visiting the Tafcop portal, you can check yourself that your ID proof is there. That is, how many SIM cards are running from the Aadhar card and if you have not taken any SIM card number, you can report it online sitting at home through the portal. You can turn off that SIM card.

As you all know, many times you must have seen in the news that if any criminal incident is carried out or online fraud is done, then the mobile number is used in it. The real owner of that mobile number does not know that any such SIM card is running in his name which is being used by someone else.

So to stop all these frauds, TRAI has launched this TAFCOp Portal. Now you can see all the list of how many SIM cards are operational from your Aadhar sitting at home. And if you have any such number which is running under your ID name and you have not activated it, then you can also get it turned off by reporting it online.

Friends, earlier there was no such hotel, through which how many mobile numbers are registered with your name and Aadhaar ID of Kashmir or how many mobile numbers are operational, but now you can check your Aadhaar by visiting TAFCOp Portal by yourself. You can also see the list of registered mobile numbers from

TAFCOp Portal-How many mobile numbers are registered with my Aadhaar ID

Step.1 First of all, you have to open the browser of your mobile or computer, where you have to TAFCOP The portal website has to be opened.

Step.2 After the TAFCOp portal is opened, you can see in the image below you get the option to enter the first mobile number. So here you have to enter your mobile number and click on the option of Request OTP given below.

TAFCOp Portal login

Step.3 Now OTP will be sent to your mobile number, you have to enter the OTP and click on the validity option. Where you will see your ID proof and all the mobile numbers running. You can see their list, here you have to verify all the numbers whether you have taken this number or not.

Know list of Mobile number register in your Aadhar id

Step.4 Here if you see the same number which you have taken, then you do not have to report anything, if you think there is such a number in the list which you have not taken then you can report it.

How to Login to TAFCOp Portal?

  • First of all you have to visit the portal https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/.
  • After which you have to request OTP by entering your mobile number.
  • After that enter OTP and validate it.
  • After which you can see the number registered on your name ID proof in front of you.

Carefully go through all the numbers received from the portal and check if there is any number which has not been activated by you which you are not using then you can report it from here.

How to Report a Fraud Number on Your Name ID?

Whichever number is appearing on the TAFCOF portal that you have not taken, or is a number that you had taken earlier. But now you are not using it. Still, if it is visible in this list, then the option to report it has been given here.

From here you can report it, to report any mobile number, you have to select it by clicking on the tick option next to that mobile number. After that three options are given to report here.

  1. This is not my Number-Where this is not my number here If your number is not there, select this option to report this number.
  2. Not Required-You have to select this option if you have taken SIM card before and currently you do not use that number. And if you want it to be removed from your ID card, then you have to report by setting this option.

After reporting you will receive a token number through a message called Track Number. Through this track number you will be able to check the status of the number reported.

You have informed the government by reporting that this number should not be removed from my ID, that is, from my ID, now like TRAI, your complaint will be sent to the company which has the SIM, whatever action is needed to be taken. Action will be taken if needed.

Anytime you want to know the status of the number reported, what is the status of what you have reported. So for that you have to go to the tafcop portal and track by entering the track number.

After which you will know the status, what is the status reported by you. If the status is pending then your complaint is being investigated right now. Once the test is confirmed, this status becomes complete or successful.

Friends, the TAFCOP portal has just been launched very soon. In which the data of many districts has not been updated yet. But once the device is updated, it will be updated for all the districts across India.

So in this way, you can know how many SIM card mobile numbers are active in your name or Aadhaar ID by TAFCOP sitting at home and can also report for the same.

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