Symptoms of pregnancy- How to know if you are pregnant or not

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What are the symptoms of pregnancy From conception to childbirth, pregnancy usually takes about 38 weeks (about nine months). It is divided into three trimesters, each trimester is three months long. The initial symptoms of pregnancy start in the first trimester, in the third trimester the abdomen protrudes outwards. However, it is important to understand that not all symptoms similar to early pregnancy will mean that someone is pregnant.

Many women find out they were pregnant after having a miscarriage. In such a situation, it is very important for a woman to know that she is pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy so that she can take the right precautions. Read the complete information to know more about the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.


Pregnancy brings a mixed feeling of happiness, anxiety and uncertainty in a woman who is not really sure whether she is pregnant or not. This usually happens during the first pregnancy. Although to be sure whether you are pregnant or not, you need to visit a doctor and get your tests done. However, if you are aware of the early pregnancy symptoms, you can at least save yourself any harassment or embarrassment.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

Here are listed some of the most common and important early signs and symptoms of pregnancy

  1. missed periodLack of menstruation or very little bleeding during periods is also a symptom of pregnancy.
  2. Darkening of the nipples is also a symptom of pregnancy.
  3. excessive salivation
  4. back pain
  5. Constipation – This most often occurs as the uterus grows in size and it presses against the bowel.
  6. Exhaustion It starts from the first week of pregnancy and lasts almost till the last.
  7. craving for something spicy
  8. frequent urination It usually starts after six weeks of pregnancy and often persists throughout the pregnancy. This is usually due to hormonal changes and also because there is pressure on the bladder.
  9. nausea and vomiting This symptom is seen during two to ten weeks of pregnancy and is commonly known as morning sickness. However, it can happen at any time of the day.
  10. Abdominal cramps especially in the lower abdomen
  11. Headache
  12. swollen or tender breasts – It can be felt very early and that happens only after two weeks of conception.
  13. lower back pain.
  14. Food craving or food aversion (food that you loved before but no longer).
  15. Increased vaginal discharge without pain/irritation.
  16. Strange taste in mouth, described as metallic.
  17. Sensitive smell.

Some pregnancy symptoms may appear when you have missed a period or a week later. Whereas in many cases, women show early pregnancy symptoms after six weeks or so after becoming pregnant.

While these are some of the main and common symptoms of pregnancy, women also experience different and distinct symptoms. Some also feel stress, changes in eating habits, illness and many other symptoms. However, if you have a combination of one or two of the symptoms mentioned here, it is better to consult your doctor so that you can know about the condition and get confirmation.

There are various home pregnancy tests nowadays and most of them are reliable too. You can buy the test unit and get it done within 10-14 days of fertilization. However, if you get a positive pregnancy test, you need to consult your health care provider and get the necessary tests done.

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, you need to take proper care of your health. Read and learn about precautions and gather accurate and scientific information. It is good to follow the advice of the doctor instead of going through the traditional way of pregnancy. Try to enjoy the journey as it is a unique period and your life will no longer be the same.

Unfortunately, not every sign and symptom is unique to pregnancy. Some may indicate that you are getting sick. Therefore, it is important to understand the various early pregnancy symptoms listed above as there may be some other alternative explanations as well.

Frequent urination can also be caused by urinary tract infection or diabetes. The increased consumption of fluids may also explain the temporary increase in urination.

A missed period can be explained by fatigue, excessive weight loss (or gain), increased stress, imbalance in hormones, other diseases, overfeeding, etc.

Morning sickness can be caused by stress, stomach disease, food poisoning, etc.

Pregnancy tests are designed to tell whether urine and blood contain a hormone called human chronic gonadotropin (hCG) that is produced just after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus. Following are the details of the tests done to detect pregnancy:

Signs of pregnancy can be confirmed with a number of tests and tests, most often a urine test that can be done at home using an over-the-counter pregnancy test kit, which consists of a stick with an area who takes a urine sample.

In most cases, a negative pregnancy test is less reliable, while a positive pregnancy test is usually accurate.

A reliable way to confirm pregnancy is through a blood test even in the early stages of pregnancy. This test is used to detect pregnancy – known as human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG).

An internal check-up is a viable option two weeks after a missed period. Changes in your cervix and uterus are checked to see if the color and tenderness of the cervix has changed and whether the uterus is getting bigger. This type of test is usually followed by a blood or urine test to confirm the pregnancy.

Take special care of pregnancy diet and nutrition. Stay away from the age-old tradition of feeding two people during pregnancy. You just have to take care of the nutrition and make sure that you have at least one meal that is full of all the essential nutrients. You can have your favorite foods for the rest of the day; Avoid fast food and empty calorie items. Follow the instructions of your gynecologist. If you have any complications, make sure you take the necessary precautions.

To conclude, pregnancy is a wonderful experience, especially knowing the fact that the body is developing the early signs of pregnancy and is on its way to reproduction. You must get a pregnancy test done to confirm the pregnancy symptoms.

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