Stop Call Recording Announcement-How To Mute “This Call is Now Being Recorded” Alert?

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Stop Call Recording Announcement- Call recording is an important feature in smart phones when we have an important conversation with someone and to save some important things in it, we record and save the call.


Prior to this, due to the Realme 100m Redmi Oppo, most of the smartphone OSes which used to run their custom UI software on Android also gave their dialer inside the phone.

But since Google Dial was used in all smartphones, that is, the custom Lugai key dialer was removed, then whenever you do Google Call Recording, you and both the children hear an announcement that the call is being recorded.

Google Dialer Around 2020, all Owais updated the Google Dialer on their phones, normally the call recording announcement was not heard in the phone dialer in the customer software, but in 2020 Google Dialer started to be installed, after which call recording While making the announcement, he started giving recitations to both the sides.

How To Stop Google Phone App “This Call is Now Being Recorded Alert”

As we said earlier that call recording serves as an essential feature for many users. You want to record your conversations while on an important period because Google Dollar announces this.

This call is being recorded now that both children hear that the call is being recorded. That can be upsetting and the other person may be uncomfortable talking to you.

Now Google has its reasons for making such an announcement. The company specifically mentions to protect the privacy of all users when you start recording.

So both the parties are informed. of Call Recording When you talk about Call Recording, both parties are informed that Call Recording is being stopped. There are laws in that country. Those who require consent to record calls for privacy reasons.

While we understand the reason but there must be a way to Mute Call Recording Announcement. By default Google has no option to Mute Call Recording Announcement but there is a solution.

Next, we will tell you how to do call recording announcement in Google Dialer, that is, you can do call recording without knowing both the parties.

Stop Call Recording Announcement Alert-How To Off/Mute “This Call is Now Being Recorded”?

There are many such call recording applications available on google play store but all of them do not guarantee to record the call. So let us tell you how to turn off call recording announcement in Google Dialer.


First of all go to Play Store, open Google Dialer App and uninstall the update. After installing the Google Dollar app, your dialer app reverts to the old version.


call you now direct Storage and Usage To Clear Have to do And Force Stop Have to do



Now from Google Play Store TTSLEXX The application has to be downloaded in your smartphone. You can download and install this app from the link given below.


After downloading it has to be opened, after opening you can see but Preferred engine Have to click on this.


after which you TTSLEXX has to be selected.


Your work is done, now you can call and see. If you click on the recording option for the first time, you can hear it once. After that the announcement will not be heard on recording the call.


You do not need to use any third party app with the help of this tips Google Dialer Call Recording Announcement Off/Mute can do.

Disable Google Call Recording Pre-Announcement

Most of the Android users are seeing complaints about turning off Call Recording Alerts in the Google Phone app. Now all companies Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Motorola, Infinix are using Google Phone app in it.

Call recording warning to both the parties while recording the call.This Call is Now Being Recorded“It is heard. If you want to get rid of this call recording announcement, you can mute it by following the steps below and continue with call recording.

  1. From Play Store TTSLexx App Download and Install do
  2. your android phone Settings go in and Text to Speech Output by replacing TTSLexx Select.
  3. Then your phone’s application ie Phone Google Call Dialer App go to and Storage Cache Data Clear Do it
  4. Just record your call now.

If you are hearing him in the call recording, then you can ask him by commenting below. Now whenever you start the call recording, you or the other party talking to you will not hear the “This Call is Now Being Recorded” announcement and your call will be recorded.

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