What are the Rules of Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan?

Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan Friends, Flipkart has released a new smart update plan for its customers, which is being given on select mobiles on Flipkart. This offer is not for all smartphones, there are select smartphones. On which this Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan is applicable.

What is Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan

Under this plan, the customer can buy a phone by paying 70 percent of its price and run it for 12 months and after the completion of 12 months, the customer can either pay the 30 percent balance of that phone to Flipkart. Let him either exchange this smartphone with any other smartphone. This is the smart upgrade plan of Flipkart Card.


Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan Under this program, you are offered an instant advance of 30% on the purchase of select devices. After 12 months, you can either buy a new device on Flipkart and give the device back or at the time of purchase. You can pay the amount received immediately in advance. And can continue to use this device.

If you do not exchange your device or return the advance amount, your device is locked until the balance payment is made. Please refer to the detailed Terms and Conditions below for more details.

How Flipkart Smart Upgrade plan works

First of all, let me tell you that the watch of this plan is applicable only on some Chinese selected smartphones. First of all, you have to listen to the smartphone in which Flipkart Smart Update Plan has been offered and at the time of payment, Flipkart Smart Update Plan has to be selected. And for payment use Credit Card Credit Card Mi Bajaj Finserv EMI Card only, after which you will not have to pay 30% of the smartphone under this offer, you have to pay only 70% of the value of that smartphone.


Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan After 12 Months

Under this plan, if you want to use the smartphone for 12 months and then want to return that smartphone, then you have this option, if you want to keep the same smartphone then you have to pay 30% of it please Note: If you haven’t exchanged your smartphone after 12 months or didn’t pay the balance in advance, your smartphone will be locked until you pay off the balance.


Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of the Flipkart Smart Update Plan. This Smart Upgrade Plan is offered by Fair Value Fair Price and is operated on the Flipkart App Platform powered by Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd.

Flipkart Customers Must Read These Terms & Conditions To Use Smart Upgrade Plan

  • Smart Upgrade Plan An advance against the exchange value will be applied on the transaction as an instant discount offer on linking the digital listing and selecting Credit Card or Credit Card EMI or Bajaj Finserv EMI Card as the payment mode at the end of 12 months The customer has to either replace the device or return the advance amount to Fair Value Retail immediately.
  • If the customer fails to do any of these, the device will be locked using the technology until the customer pays the due amount for a reasonable price.
  • PhilipCard and Fair Value will not be responsible for any direct and indirect damages caused to the customers by the device being locked in violation of the terms and conditions of this program.

Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan Most Important Terms and Conditions

  • Once the customer adds the distal listing and selects the credit card or credit card MI or Bajaj Finserv EMI card the instant advance payment will appear as an instant discount offer on the page.
  • The customer can avail the Smart Upgrade plan twice on the Flipkart platform on mobile and once on the tablet. If the Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan is combined with other offers on the platform, the benefits of this program will be applicable on the Smart Update Prana existing products. Cannot be exchanged or combined with cash.
  • Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan is not applicable on transactions done through PhonePe or Paytm Payments or any other payment method.
  • Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan is available only on select pin codes. Before proceeding further please check whether you are eligible for the Pincode plan or not. Please check it first.
  • Flipkart Smart Update plan cannot be canceled and no money will be refunded to the customer on cancellation of Smart Update plan
  • The Smart Update plan can be availed only once for each card on each variant of the eligible devices.
  • If Smart adds a digital listing to the upgrade plan but does not pay the credit card EMI using the Bajaj Finserv EMI card, he will not get the instant advance and will be eligible for the discount that will be applicable on the purchase of another device.
  • If the first device is exchanged after 12 months.
  • If a customer buys a device with the Smart Upgrade plan and avails the instant advance offer.
  • The Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan will remain in force until the customer returns the parent device or cancels the order for these devices
  • Failure to exchange the device or non-payment of the advance amount immediately after 12 months leads to the device being locked.
  • The Flipkart connection apps may be automatically installed on the device during the program period. The Customer shall not install or change the Installed Now settings for any reason during the duration of the Program.
  • The customer should not even attempt to jailbreak the device under this program
  • Exchange option can be exercised only on purchase of new equipment to be delivered at select pin codes. Please check whether the PIN is eligible for the Exchange option before exercising this option.
  • In the event of change of address of the Customer while exercising the Exchange Option, it should be noted that the Exchange Option will be exercised only as long as the new address falls under the PIN code distributed by Flipkart.
  • Further, at the time of exercising this Exchange Option, the Client shall read the detailed Terms and Conditions and accept these Terms and Conditions in order to exercise this Exchange Option.
  • It is to be noted that a nominal fee may be charged from the customer for picking up the old device.
  • Exchange option can be exercised only if the new device purchased pertains to the devices shipped by select sellers Customers are requested to check with Flipkart customer support that the exchange option is applicable on the new device being purchased before exercise Or not.
  • This Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan is valid only in India The minimum age of the customer to participate in the Smart Update plan should be 18 years.
  • The Exchange option under the Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan can only be exercised on purchase of a new device on Flipkart.com such that it is sold in exchange for the original device by select sellers. On exercise of the Exchange option, the Customer will be entitled to receive a new device from select sellers on flipkart.com. The original residence will have to be exchanged for the new device sent by.

Flipkart Smart Update Plan Device Exchange Terms and Conditions

  • The brand and model of the old device must match the original device purchased on flipkart with flipkart smart update plan The IMEI number of the old device must match the original device purchased on flipkart with flipkart smart then rate plan M must match the device switched on and The device screen and device keyboard must not be damaged or off duty for 30 seconds without being connected to the charger.
  • Great Pixel Sports Lines Man Screen should not have cracks on any part of mobile screen display
  • ORIGINAL BOX CHARGER HEADPHONE OUT RETURNED Items must be in good condition
  • If you are using this smartphone, then restore it completely, back up your data, then exchange it.

Some Important FAQs

Q.1 Will I need to return the original box charger and A series with my device for exchange?

Yes you will need to return the original box, charger and accessories along with the device to complete the exchange process.

Q.2 What if I cancel Agra?

If you have ordered any device under the Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan and you wish to cancel the same, the amount paid by you will be refunded.

Q.3 Will I have to pay any charges for exchanging the old device?

Yes you may have to pay a nominal pickup fee

Q.4 Is the Flipkart Smart Upgrade plan available on all pin codes?

One can avail the Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan from all those pin codes where Flipkart offers product exchange pickup facility.

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