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How to Reset Windows 11 Password/PIN (2 way)?

How to Reset Windows 11 Password. If you have forgotten your Windows 11 password, then how to reset Windows 11 password, we are going to know about this in today’s information. All Windows 11 users must use Microsoft and other email accounts in their computer or laptop. Additionally, you use your other account by adding the PIN password sign in. In this article, we will tell you how to unlock Windows 11 password/pin if it is forgotten.

When Windows 11 forgets the password, it needs to be reset. Follow the steps given below on how to reset Windows 11 password.

Method #1 Reset Windows 11 Password with User Account

Step.1 When you will turn on your computer ie laptop screen, there you will be asked for the password, but here if you have lost or forgotten your password, then below you will be asked i forgot my pin/password You will get the option to click on it.


Step.2 After which you have to sign in by entering the Register Microsoft Account or if you are using any other email ID.


Step.3 After which a verification code is sent to your email id Verify to do.


Step.4 now sent to email Verification Code You have to verify by entering.


Step.5 After entering the verification code Continue Have to click on.


Step.6 after which you setup pin The option will come here, now you have to create a new PIN.


Step.7 After entering the new password, click on the OK option. Now you can unlock your Windows 11 Pin/Password laptop computer with this new PIN.

Method#2 Reset windows 11 password via Command Prompt?

Yes, if you forget Windows 11 Password, you can also do it through Command Promp to reset it.

Step.1 As you can see in the image below, you have to turn on the computer on your laptop and Shift key by pressing Restart To do.


Step.2 after that your Windows Repair You will go to the option, after which you will see many options as shown in the image below in front of you. troubleshoot You have to go to the option.


Step.3 as soon as you troubleshoot If you click on the option, you will get the advanced option in front of you, click on it.


Step.4 Advanced option Inside you will find many options where you can Command Promp You will get the option to click on it.


Step.5 Now in front of you your computer or laptop CMD gets opened. Now you have to enter by first typing C as you can see in the image.


Step.6 after that you dir Type it and click the enter button.


Step.7 After that, you will get the option as shown in the image below, after which you will have to cd windows Type it and press enter.


Step.8 now ahead of you cd system32 Enter the command by typing it.


Step.9 after that you ren utilman.exe utilman1.exe Enter this command by typing it.


Step.10 After that next you have to give another command ren cmd.exe utilman.exe Enter by typing.


Your work is done, now you have to close the CMD.

Step.11 Next, you have to restart your computer or laptop by going to the option. Restart To do. Like when you click on start. It comes automatically by opening CMD, and you will have to enter CMD control userpasswords2 Enter by typing.


Step.12 Now next you get the option to reset the password, you have to click on the option with reset password and enter your new password and OK.


Just your work is done, your new password is ready, now you can turn on your laptop with this password.

If you are facing any kind of problem in resetting windows 11 password, then definitely tell by commenting below.

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