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In today’s information, we are going to talk about how to remove Link Third Party App and Website from Gmail Account. Also, you will be able to know in this about all third party applications and websites linked to your Google Account, which can also access your Google Account personal data by accessing your Gmail account.

That is, which app links are there in your Gmail account, which can see and change your data and what are the websites that are yours. gmail account We have to know about how to remove them all.


Friends, third party application websites are very harmful for your personal data, as you would know that Gmail ID ie Google account in which you keep your personal data and contact number by saving all the details, then it is very important to take care of it with eyes. Is.

But there are some such applications and websites. To use which we have to give access to our Gmail ID. Who can also see our personal data by linking to Gmail account. In such a situation, you have to keep in mind that such apps and websites are linked to your Gmail, whether you are stealing your data.

So if you think an application or website is linked to your Gmail account. Which can leak your data, then you should immediately remove it from your Gmail account.

How to Remove Linked Third Party App and Website from Gmail

To remove any website and third party application linked to Google account i.e. Gmail account, go to Third Party App and Website Service page of Gmail account and remove linked harmful third party apps and websites by clicking on Remove button.

  • So first of all in your mobile Gmail Application Have to open Gmail app is found in all Android phones.
  • After opening the Gmail app, you profile icon After which you have to click on Gmail Account The option is available, click on it.
  • After which you get the complete setting to use Gmail account, where above you have to Data & Privacy A section of the page is found, click on it.
  • Now you have to scroll down and go where you have to Third Party App with Account acces Click on.
  • After which you can see that you can see the names of all the Third Party App and Website links from your Gmail account.
  • Out of these, if you think that there is an app and website that you are not using or you have not linked and linked to your Gmail account, you can remove it from here immediately.

So in today’s information, we have learned how to remove Third Party App and Website from Gmail Account, hope that we have understood this information, if you want to ask anything related to this information, then you can ask us by commenting below.

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