Rabivax-S Vaccine Uses and Side Effects

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Rabivax-S Vaccine is given in an injection form to people after a bite from a rabies animal. This vaccine is not recommended under the supervision of a doctor, if a hey seeded animal bites you, go to the doctor immediately and get the anti rabies vaccine.

There may be some common side effects of this vaccine such as joint pain, redness or swelling at the injection site or slight pain at the injection site. If such side effects persist for a long time, then definitely go to the doctor.


If you have ever had an allergic reaction to a vaccine, be sure to tell your doctor before getting the injection. There are other medicines that can react with the rabies vaccine. That’s why be sure to tell your doctor about the medicines you are taking.

What is Rabivax-S Vaccine

Rabivax-S Content Composition

  • Prescription– Required
  • Manufacturer-Serum Institute of India ltd
  • Composition (Salt)-Rabies vaccine, Human (2.5IU)
  • Storage– Store in a refrigerator (2.8°C) Don’t Freeze.
  • Chemical class– Vaccine

Rabivax-S Vaccine Uses

It is used to prevent rabies.

Benefits of Rabivax-S Vaccine

Rabies is a serious disease caused by a virus among people. It is spread through the saliva of infected animals. Persons who are infected with the rabies virus are given this vaccine.

If an animal is infected with the rabies virus and it bites any person, then that person is also at risk of getting rabies. There is no risk of rabies, so that disease can be avoided by taking this anti-rabies vaccination.

How to use Rabivax-S Vaccine?

The use of this vaccine is given only under the advice and supervision of a doctor. Please do not use Rebivax-S Vaccine on your own.

How Rabivax-S Vaccine works?

As you know Rabivax-S Vaccine is Anti-rabies Vaccine. It helps in developing the immune system by making antibodies in our body. Antibodies are proteins that provide protection against infection caused by viruses

Rabivax-S Vaccine Side Effects

There are some side effects of this medicine which do not need to be consulted by the doctor, they go away on their own.

  • joint pain
  • body pain
  • red mark at injection site
  • injection site swelling
  • lymph node swelling

If the above-mentioned side effects persist in your body, then definitely consult a doctor.

Special Tips (Safety Advice)

  • Rabivax-S Vaccine is designed for the prevention of Rabies.
  • This vaccine is given as an injection into the distal muscle.
  • If you are bitten by an animal such as a dog, cat, etc., then you must get the anti-rabies vaccine immediately after the bite.
  • Be sure to complete the dose of anti-rabies vaccine.

Safety advice:-

Can I have alcohol after applying Rabivax-S?

This vaccine is not to be taken with alcohol.

Can Rabivax-S Rabies Vaccine be applied to a pregnant woman?

According to animal studies, it has little or no effect on the developing baby, although it is given only on the advice of a doctor.

Q. Can Rabivax-S be applied to a breastfeeding woman?

According to research, this medicine does not pose any serious risk to children.

Q. Can Rabivax-S be applied in case of kidney problem?

Please consult your doctor.

Can Rabivax-S be applied in case of liver problem?

For this consult a doctor.

Can I drive after taking Rabivax Injection Vaccine?

Yes you can drive after taking this medicine but if you feel any abnormality then do not drive.

Important question :-

What are the symptoms of Rabies?

Rabies virus attacks the nervous system. Rabies is similar to a flu-like illness. In which fever, headache and general symptoms are found. After a few days the symptoms of Ravish brahmin uneven behavior delivery yama and impressive symptoms can be observed.

Can Rabies Be Prevented?

Yes, Rabies is 100% diagnosable, for this Anti Rabies Vaccine is available everywhere.

How does the rabies virus spread?

Rabies virus is transmitted in the saliva of infected animals.

When is Rabivax-S Vaccine administered?

This vaccine is given on the bite of an animal infected with Ravi.

What are the side effects of Rabivax-S Vaccine?

Headache, body pain, joint pain, and fever-related problems may occur after taking this vaccine.

Who can’t get Rabivax-S Vaccine?

Do not use this medicine if a person has a serious illness and if anyone has any kind of allergic reaction related to this medicine then do not take this medicine.

How many doses of Rabivax-S Vaccine are administered?

This vaccine is given as three vaccines after the bite of an animal with rabies.

This vaccine has a very dangerous side effect. This Rabivax-S Vaccine is to be administered under a doctor’s advice and supervision. Please do not take it on your own advice.

Warning-Before taking any kind of medicine, please consult the doctor. The information provided by Newsancher about the drug is for educating the consumer. This website does not imply that use any medicine by itself. Please consult a doctor before taking any kind of medicine

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