How To Prevent Cabbage Disease And Harmful Insects?

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In this information of today’s farming and farmers, we are going to tell you about the diseases and harmful insects of cabbage and together you will know how to save cabbage from harmful pests of cabbage and what are the remedies for the diseases that occur in them. What is the medicine for that to be done.

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If you cultivate cabbage, that is, cabbage. So you must have seen that many gates are installed in it. But there are many types and what are the diseases that occur in them, everyone will know in this information.

How to Eliminate Cabbage Diseases and Harmful Insects

bitch sudi

To avoid infestation, apply Methyl Parathion or Malathion @ 10 kg per acre of soil before sowing.


leaf-eating semolina

If soni eats leaves, take spray of Dichlorovas 200 ml in 150 liters of water or Fulbendimide 48% 80005 ml in 3 liters of water.


bright-backed moth

It is a dangerous worm of cabbage and lays eggs on the underside of leaves. Green colored sari eats the leaves and makes holes in them, if it is not stopped then 80 to 90% damage can be done.


Initially, take spray of Neem Nimbolio juice @ 40 gm/Ltr in water and re-spray after 10 to 15 days without Bt Gol @ 500 g/acre after 35 and 50 days of transplanting if damage increases. Then take spray of Spinosad 2.5% SC @80ml per 150Ltr of water.

juice sucking insects

These insects suck the sap of leaves and leaves turn yellow and fall and become doody shape. If the damage of chepe and oil is increased then take spray of Imidacloprid 17.8 SL @ 60 ml per acre in 150 liters of water. Damage in dry season. For this, take spray of Thiamethoxam@80gm/150Ltr of water.


Cabbage diseases and prevention

leaf spot and blight disease

If leaf spot and blight are observed, take spray of Metalaxical 8% and Mancozeb 64% WP @250gm @150Ltr of water with Sticker or Mancozeb Carbendazim @400gm/150Ltr of water.


spots on the underside of leaves

Yellow and bad and purple spots appear on the underside of the leaves, then this disease can be reduced by cleaning the field and adopting crop rotation. Spray a total of 3 times at a decision of 10 days.


wilting or dry yellowing of leaves

To prevent this disease, treat the seeds with mercury chloride. Soak the seeds in mercury chloride 2 grams per liter of water for 30 minutes, after that dry them in the shade. If this disease is seen in the whole field, then use copper oxychloride 300 grams. Do this by adding Streptomycin 6 grams per 150 liters of water.


In this information, we told you about the diseases and prevention of cabbage in cabbage. When there are diseases of cabbage, which medicine is put in it. Also tell about this and how to protect cabbage from cabbage worms that damage cabbage, if you have any query related to this information, then you can ask us by commenting.

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