How to do Pregnancy Test By HCG Kit (2 ways)?

Pregnancy Test- Do you know that you can do Pregnancy Test sitting at home. That too by following some simple steps, when the period does not come, the first thing that comes to the mind of women is the pregnancy test. Due to which they get the impression of pregnancy, for which they have to go to the doctor and get the test done. Which you can do even sitting at home. You just have to follow our article carefully after reading it.


Today we will tell you how to do pregnancy test at home, there are many ways to do pregnancy test, you can find out pregnancy by adopting any of them. Nowadays there are many types of Pregnancy Test Kit available on the medical. Which you can use for test. If you want to do it at home, then we will share you complete information about that too.

How to do Pregnancy Test at home?

What are the early signs of pregnancy.

Early pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, back pain, missing periods like some physical changes, increase the curiosity of women to know whether they are pregnant or not, so we will give you some home methods for pregnancy test.

And are going to tell you the recipe, using which you will be able to know easily whether the symptoms you are seeing are really symptoms related to pregnancy or something else?

Some things to keep in mind during pregnancy-

  1. After doing the pregnancy test, get satisfied after 72 hours and check it again.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the home test, then definitely take medical advice.
  3. Whenever you do pregnancy test, do it in the morning.
  4. Urine should not be passed 3 hours before the pregnancy test.

How to do with Pregnancy Test Kit?

To test with pregnancy kit at home, first you have to get a pregnancy kit from a medical shop.

  1. Now wake up in the morning and take urine sample in a vessel. It is better to take morning urine, as the amount of HCG remains in the urine throughout the night. Which is good for the test. And the test is correct.
  2. In the pregnancy kit, you will have been given some information, which should be read carefully about the use of the kit.
  3. Tear off the package of the kit, remove the kit and the dropper (with the help of which you can take urine and put it in the kit) and keep the kit on a flat place.
  4. Now in the circle area of ​​the kit, you have to put the sample in the round groove of the kit through 3 drop urine dropper. And have to wait for 5 minutes.
  5. conclusion– Now in conclusion you have to look at the kit, if pink color ki 2 line is visible in the kit, then it is a sign of positive and you get only 1 single line etc. Rahi hai to aap negative hai.

How to do pregnancy test with toothpaste?

If you want to do pregnancy test by toothpaste, then first of all you have to take a small sample of urine in a container (eg glass, box) in the morning.

It is not absolutely necessary that urine sample should be in the morning only, it can also be taken in the naad, but 3 hours before taking urine sample, urine is not taken care of, it will be right if you take morning sample because the amount of HCG in the morning is high. it occurs. After taking urine sample, now you have to take white Colgate Toothpaste.

Which is to be mixed in urine in equal proportion, after mixing it well, wait for a while.

conclusion- If urine is found in toothpaste, it turns blue and becomes frothy, then it is a sign of positive +. If you do not get any response then it is negative.

When to do pregnancy test

It is advisable to do the pregnancy test 1 week after the period has not come.

Can pregnancy kit go wrong

Yes Why No Pregnancy kit can be wrong. so please double check

What to do if there is a light line in the pregnancy kit

At the beginning of pregnancy, the amount of hCG is very low, due to which a light line can be seen in the test conclusion. And it may also be the reason that your test kit is less sensitive, due to which a light line can also be seen. You can take help of any other kit.

how much is pregnancy kit price

Now in conclusion, you have to look at the kit, if 2 lines of pink color are visible in the kit, then it is a sign of positive and if you get only 1 single line then you are negative. Means you are not pregnant.

What is meant by Pregnancy Test Positive?

Now in conclusion, you have to look at the kit, if 2 lines of pink color are visible in the kit, then it is a sign of positive.

What does pregnancy test negative mean?

If you get only 1 single line in the test result in the kit, then you are negative. Means you are not pregnant.

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