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Various information about how plant reproduction is the basic basis of life on earth, flora and fauna, various types of animals will become extinct in the absence of flora, because animals are mainly dependent on them for food. supplies other items.

How does reproduction take place in plants Types of Reproduction

Plants, like animals, still reproduce, and in this way plants are created, there are mainly two methods of reproduction of vegetation.

  1. sexual reproduction
  2. Asexual reproduction

What is sexual reproduction and how does it happen?

In this process, reproduction takes place through seeds, most of the plants produce flowers, from these flowers fruits and seeds are formed, in between, they give birth to plants by taking sufficient amount of air, water and temperature. The development of a plant mainly depends on these three factors.

If the climatic conditions are not met in the right quantity, then a plant does not get people, due to pollination in the flowers of the plants, the fruit is formed, some fruits have one seed and some fruits have anomalous seeds.

Internal structure of seeds.

A seed has three main parts – the cover, the cotyledon and the embryo. The main function of the cover is to protect the baby plant. The main function of 20 letters is to nourish the baby plants. The main function of June is to develop which plant into new plants.

germination of seeds

The process of production of a baby plant from a seed is called germination, for one reason many seeds are produced, but only babies germinate, whose favorable conditions are obtained, air, water and temperature are necessary in favorable conditions.

Germinated seeds use oxygen gas in this process. Therefore, at this time it is necessary to have people for them, the function of water is to soften the cover between the seeds and prepare suitable food for the small plant and collect it in the seed sheet.

After the bijavar becomes soft, the plant comes out after breaking that cover, first it comes out, then it comes out like this, soon it starts growing in the direction of sunlight and starts making food.

If no one gets the correct copies then this plant does not grow, thus the cycle continues on its own.

Intermediate germination experiment

Take four of the glass also, fill some part of each tax with soil.

Bury three or four bean seeds two or three centimeters below the soil surface in each can.

First soak the seeds in a single container as soon as possible, in the second also pour enough water that the seed should come a little above the surface of the soil, do not pour water in the third scatter, keep these three friends in a warm place, after happy days we see that .

  1. Earlier also the seeds did not germinate because there was not enough air for the seeds.
  2. In the second drink the seeds have germinated because they received proper amount of air, heat and water.
  3. In the third scatter, the seeds did not receive water as a result they did not germinate.
  4. If the fourth pot is kept in a cool place with wet soil, the seeds will not germinate because also the tax has not received enough heat.

What is asexual reproduction and how does it happen?

In this process, the reproduction of the plant takes place through root, stem, leaf etc. This reproduction is also called reached reproduction.

Many plants are produced by the pieces of old plants, this is called Karma Vidhi. It is necessary to have kaki in the cut piece, when these pieces are planted in the ground, then a new plant is produced from the bud.

  • For example, we use sugarcane.

Some plants have food and granules in the stem of the soil and each bud gives rise to a plant.

  • For example potatoes can also be seen

The reproduction of some plants occurs through the root.

  • For example we can see army sweet potato

what is called a crop, which crops should be

It is the vegetation that goes the same for the need of human food, they are called crops, among the Indian major crops, wheat, rice, maize, jowar, bajra, gram, etc.

Ravi and Kharif crops are grown mainly in India.

Ravi’s crops include wheat, gram etc. and they are sown in winter season.

Among the Kharif crops, rice, maize, jowar, etc., are filled in the summer season.

For a good and better crop, it is necessary for the farmers to keep the following things in mind.

  • Improved varieties of seeds should be sown
  • The soil of the field should be well tilled
  • To increase the fertility of the soil, chemical fertilizers should be used.
  • Adequate irrigation should be done at the right time

For good yield of crops, it is necessary to take care of them, for this the following measures should be taken.

  • The crops should be protected from harmful insects, for this, spraying of DDT or gummixing like all four should be done.
  • The crops should be protected from various animals.
  • There should be different types of crops in the field.

This is called crop rotation, by growing different crops, the fertile capacity of the soil is maintained.

We have given you information about how reproduction occurs in plants and how many types of reproduction are there in plants. And sexual reproduction explained by giving examples about asexual reproduction. And about the crop has also been told, to read such information, keep visiting our website.

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