Paytm Wallet To Bank Transfer- How to transfer money from Paytm Wallet to Bank Account

Now it is easy to send money in Paytm Wallet To Bank. Hello friend you must have known Paytm, if you do not know, then you are going to tell complete information about Paytm in this post. Today’s information is about how to transfer money in Paytm Wallet To Bank, so let’s know complete information about how to transfer the remaining money in Paytm to the bank.

Paytm Wallet To Bank Money Transfer
Paytm Wallet To Bank

Nowadays, all the work is being done from the internet sitting at home. You do not need to go anywhere, if you have to transfer money from any other bank account to any other bank account, then you can also do that sitting at home if you use ATM and transfer the money kept in Paytm to any other bank account. If you want to sell then you can do it very easily.

Paytm Wallet To Bank Money Transfer- How to transfer money from Paytm to Bank

To transfer to Paytm Wallet To Bank, customers had to pay a charge earlier, but now it is not so, Paytm has made it absolutely free, now you will not have to pay any charge, Paytm Wallet can easily send money to any bank anywhere. .

What is required to transfer money in Paytm Wallet To Bank

To transfer money from Paytm, we need to have some things like Paytm Account, Bnak Account, the name of the bank holder to which the money is to be transferred, it is necessary to have Account Number IFSC Code, that’s all, then you can pay Paytm money. You can easily transfer to the bank.

How to Transfer Money in Paytm Wallet To Bank

First of all you have to open your Paytm application and login by entering MP.

If you do not have an account in Paytm, then we have told in the previous information to create Paytm account, you can easily create an account in Paytm by reading our information.

  • To send money in Paytm Wallet To Bank, first open an account in Paytm and login to your Paytm account.
  • After login, go to Paytm Wallet, you can see all the money about you in the wallet.
  • If you want to send Paytm Wallet money to the bank, then you have to go to the Send to bank option given below.
  • Now you will get a new page, in which you have to put as much money as you want to send.
  • After that, you will have to enter the details of the bank to which you want to send the money, such as IFSC Code, Folder Name, Account Number, after filling the correct information, click on Make Payment.
  • As you click on payment, to transfer your money, you have to enter the confirmation MPIN, after entering the MP, the money is transferred.

So friends, here is the method of transferring money in Paytm Wallet To Bank, we have written more articles about the pattern, if you want any information about Paytm, then you can ask us by commenting below. Earlier Paytm Wallet To Bank used to charge for money transfer, but now it has become absolutely free, there is no charge for transferring ATM money to any bank anywhere.

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