Pan Number- How to know your PAN number?

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If your PAN card is lost or broken for any reason, you do not know your PAN number and if you want to reply to a new PAN card from the website of NSDL or UTI, then for that you need to know your PAN card number. You can apply for PAN card again.

Know Your Pan Card Number

Know Your Pan card Number How to know PAN number

If your PAN card is lost or you need PAN card number anywhere, then we are going to know the information about how to find PAN card number.

  • First of all you have to call the helpline number of Income Tax Department Income Tax Helpline Number is 1961 i.e. PAN Card is helpline number and you have to call on 1961.
  • As soon as you dial 1961 from your mobile number, in the computer voice, select the language in whichever language you want to speak.
  • Now next you will be asked the details of your PAN card, you have to enter the details of your PAN card.
  • Now you have to follow the step of talking to customer care after which you will talk to customer care.
  • I have to tell you from customer care that my pan card is lost, i need pan crad number please kindly tell me pan card number.
  • So through Pan Card Customer Care, you will have to get some details verified like name father’s name mobile number, if you have given your information correctly, then your PAN number is received by the PAN card officer.

As you get your Pan Card Number by following the above mentioned methods. To know the PAN number, you must have the necessary information, it must be mobile number, name, father’s name. Your Pan Card Number is received after you tell your correct information to the PAN Number Officer. So whenever you make a call, before making a call, collect all this Aadhar number, mobile number, father’s name and keep it.

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