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What is No Claim Bonus, how to get NCB?

We will talk about No Claim Bonus available under Motor Insurance Policy, what is NCB, how is it available, what is its procedure, what are the reasons for getting it, due to which our no claim bonus is canceled and no claim What is the biggest advantage of the bonus? And if we will talk about whether we get the benefit or not, then let’s start.


NCP is also known as No Claim Bonus which is given to the person insured or the owner of the vehicle in this manner in a record manner, if you do not make any claim in the policy period which is 12 months, then the company will give you Records or gives a discount on the next renewal that you have not claimed any means that means in a way that you have benefited your company, then they provide you that discount.

What is No Claim Bonus and how to take advantage of it

What is No Claim Bonus?

No claim bonus is a discount that is given to the policyholder by the insurance company. No Claim Bonus The insurance company gives the policyholder to the insured when no one makes any claim during that time.

For example, if you got your car insured and did not take any claim in your entire year, then the insurance company gives you some discount next year i.e. No Claim Bonus.

When to get No claim bonus

When you do not file any claim on your current policy, then at the next level, you are given a no claim bonus by the insurance company

How to get No Claim Bonus

Its procedure is that if you do not file any claim on your current policy in the first year, then you get 20% No Claim Bonus from the insurance company at the time of next renewal.

  • If you do not file a claim for two consecutive years, then it is given to you by that company.
  • If you do not do it for three consecutive years, then at the next time you are given by the company.
  • If you do not make any claim for 4 consecutive years, then at the next time you get a bonus from the company.
  • If you do not file for five consecutive years, then it is given by the company.

Here is the table for when and how much discount is available

  • If you don’t make any claim for 1 whole year then next time you renew the policy you will get 20% discount
  • If you have not made any claim for that next year also, then you will get 25% discount when you renew the policy for the second time.
  • By doing the same, if you do not make any claim continuously for 5 years, then if you renew the policy of 6th year policy for 6 years then you will get a discount of 50%. This discount can increase to a maximum of 50%, it will not go beyond

But if you have made any claim in the middle, say in the sixth year your vehicle becomes an accident. But if you do not make any claim, then the NCB that you have will become zero. You will not make any claim again in the seventh year, after that you will earn 20% discount.

When can I take advantage of NCB?

Such a policy is raised only after its completion at the time of renewal. But if you forget to take the benefit of NCB discount, then you can take the benefit of it later, whatever access amount or discount of NCB will be sent to you by the company.

If the policy of your vehicle has expired, will you get the discount or not.

For this, if your policy has expired within 45 days. But if you are renewing the policy, then at that time you have the benefit of NCVT Scout. It will be available but if your policy has expired more than 45 days then you will not be given any discount.

If you have sold the car, to whom will the NCB go?

What do you have with the person who has bought the car, it is simple to understand for it. Whatever happens, the insured person or the insured person gets it and not the vehicle, if you give the vehicle to the policy, then your No Claim Bonus is there.

It will remain in your name whenever you chat on a new vehicle, on its policy, you can take such benefit from it. Which you have to take within 3 years, you can take a new car. It was also within 3 years and the father can get his policy transferred.

What if you have selected more NCBs while buying the policy?

For example, suppose your NCB eligibility percentage is 35% and you have selected more NCB slab than Kalyan Mali’s 45 or 50 percent, then the company will send you a notice to the house that the access amount you have taken or even more than it is now. Some items you will have to pay later, otherwise your policy may get canceled

If a claim comes before your notice, if there is an accident in your car, then your claim will not be processed until you pay the due amount, so in this video I have asked all the questions of you No Claim I have given all the answers that could have been related to the bonus.

I hope you have understood this information of our No Claim Bonus, if you still have any question left, then you can ask in the comment or you can message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Huh

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