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What is NMMU-National Mobile Medical Unit?

NMMU-National Mobile Medical Unit National Mobile Medical Unit Mobile Medical Unit will now reach from village to village and provide free service to the people from house to house, in which all services like free medicines, free tests will be provided.

Till now one team of MMU has been sent to almost all the districts of Uttar pradesh, more teams will be sent in future. So that at the earliest, people can be treated for free from village to village

What is National Mobile Medical Unit

What is MMU Full Form.

The full form of MMU is Mobile Medical Unit, under which free medical service is being provided in every village.
The model of Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) to be run to provide treatment facilities in remote and untouched areas of the state has been ready. The Health Department is investigating this. After getting the green signal from there, another mobile unit will be constructed. The government is preparing for their operation soon.

This initiative has been taken to provide health services to remote rural areas, JE-AES affected areas, districts with poor health services.

Mobile Medical Unit staff

Medical Mobile Unit is like a Mini Hospital, in which (in Mobile Medical Unit) there will be arrangements for doctors, pharmacists, nurses, lab technicians. And this team will reach the villages of the people and provide free treatment. Under which all the tests of the body can be done. It will have 5 staff in which

  1. medical officer
  2. Pharmacist
  3. lab technician
  4. staff nurse
  5. Driver

All these staff will go from house to house by car together and will treat them with free claim, test.

What is in Mobile Medical Unit.

Through these mobile units, services of first aid, screening of infectious and non-infectious diseases, basic lab tests etc. will be provided. There will also be a CHC level testing lab in the mobile medical unit.

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