How to Prepare for NDA Eligibility, Admission?

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NDA As we all must have heard about different type of defense post which has always been an integral part of our energies.


If this force disappears from India today, then in the blink of an eye, India should again become a slave of foreigners.
We all know that there are 3 parts of our army here.

  1. Navy
  2.  Air Force
  3. Army

To today I am going to tell about one of the same army which we know by the name of NDA, which is mainly known as Air Force or Air Force Navigation Army.

Any student who is interested in this or wants to make a career in it, they should first know the following points that what is necessary for the new army so that we can take part in it.
So let’s know what we need to have in order to join the new army.


What is NDA, what is the study of NDA (What Is NDA)?

NDA exam, which is a central government exam, is conducted by upsc, union public service commission. Under this recruitment exam, we apply form for army, airforce, navy.

And whoever wants to do a job in this, first of all a form has to be filled, after passing the exam, 4 years or will also have to be done. Then after that you will get a chance to fill the form on the vacant vacancy.

NDA and it’s full form :– nda whose full form is NATIONAL DEFENSE ACADEMY

  • The most important thing is that in the post which students want to get, they will have to show their specific identity.
  • The second thing is that those students who are interested in which they will get that only when their performance will be the best in them. And in this, no student is given the opportunity of any alternate course choice.
  • The third thing is that if the student chooses the Navy, then it is necessary to qualify for different wings. If it does not happen then it will be considered as disqualify.
  • Finally, when it comes to admission, there is a written exam, if the student passes in this exam, then only he will get a chance for admission, otherwise he will be expelled from it.
    Thus it is a complete process of admission.

How to prepare for NDA?

Candidates must read the complete syllabus and exam pattern of India for NDA preparation. There are many coaching classes going on these days. In which a separate send of NDA is made and children are taught about India in it.

Nowadays, you can prepare for India sitting at home and you can study India by joining online classes in mobile.

Number of SEATS in NDA:-

Let me tell you all that the seats are very less in this exam but the exam is so tough that the same number of seats are never full-

  • Total no of seats:339
  • Army seats:208
  • Air force :92
  • Navy:39
    In this way their seats are divided.


For NDA also it is necessary to have the following qualifications

  • He is Indian. or be a resident of Bhutan or a resident of Nepal or a resident of Tibet who has immigrated to India since 1962 or has been a resident of India who has migrated to Ethiopia, Tanzania, south Africa or any other country. But it can happen if it gets a certificate from the Government of India.
  • Only unmarried male and female can apply in this exam.
  • Students who have done 12th class distribution for Army Wing of National Defense Academy, who is also in 12th class can fill the application form.
  • Minimum Educational Qualification should be 12th pass with Physics Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • The student should be physically and mentally fit

Educational Qualification (QUALIFICATION TO APPLY NDA FORM)

STUDENTS tell all of you that it differs from all other exams, as it is necessary to pass all the other 12, but there is one more thing which separates it from other as we post it on the basis of our qualification. is done.

  1. If we want to get army post then our 10+2 qualification should be complete.
    And that too should be from a recognised college or university.
  2. If we want to take the post of air force or navy, then for that also we should be 10+2 and that too should be recognised college or university.
  3. Students who are studying in class 11th, such students will not be eligible for the application of the form.
  4. Those students who are appearing in 12th, such students can fill the foam by showing proof of appearing.


Students, it is very important for you to be physically and mentally fit for this exam.

  • As far as the length and width are concerned, 162 cm is required. If you are less than this then you will not be eligible.
  • As far as weight is concerned, your average wt should be between 64 to 70.


If you have any questions in other qualifications, then this
That for any applicant, his vision should be completely clear.

If there is any problem in vision then such person will be disqualified.
Apart from this, even if the person has any problem related to the body, then it is a matter of trouble for such students.

How to Apply for NDA

Let me tell you people that this exam gives more chances than other exams like medical or engineering exam gives only one chance in a year whereas it gives two chances in a year.
This exam is conducted through UPSC
The form comes between the first exam last April and May.

And second time the form comes in last August and September. After that you can apply by filling the form in it.

Who can not prepare for NDA (DISQUALIFICATION FOR NDA);-

Let me tell all of you that NDA holds a unique position in itself, not like other exams that if a person has a disease or he is paralyse or is suffering from any other disease, then he can give another exam.

But in this, if the person is suffering from diseases like Nasal congestion, Waxing from ear, Eosinophilia, Cancer and Filariasis etc. then he is not eligible for that exam.

Career :-

This is such an exam by which any person who is interested in it can make a career for any post in army, air force and navy and become a part of freedom fighter.

NDA related FAQs

Which subject is required for NDA?

To do NDA, it is necessary to have Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

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