MBA Course Eligibility, jobs, Fees, Salary and Syllabus?

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MBA Course- Today I am going to inform you about a new topic which will help you to easily solve the biggest problems related to your life.

This is a dew course from which any person will be able to easily do all the management things related to his life.

So let’s know which course is that which is so important to know, yes the name of this course is MBA.

Yes, this is a course that emerged when other countries were engaged in expanding their industries and businesses after the civil war, which was the time of the 20th century in which people increased their industry and product, but how to manage it. To understand what should be done, gradually a course emerged as a subject which was named as MBA.

MBA Full Form-

MBA: Master of business administration

What is MBA how to do?

MBA is a course taught on the label of graduate and master, which is taught at international level not only in India but all over the world, which is widely accepted everywhere.

Students This is a 2-year program, which continues after studying for 2 years, the student gets a graduate level degree.

This is a program that covers different types of business in the field of business or marketing such as-

Business law,finance.,business statics,accounting ,applied statics,b business communication ,business ethics,m marketing and operation,manage marketing,human resources

Etc. There are many such courses which any student can easily understand and do.

After knowing its history and details, it becomes necessary to know what is the process now in mba, how we reach here etc.

So let’s know what we need to know in this-

  1. process of admission in mba
  2. eligibility of doing MBA
  3. syllabus for mba
  4. .course duration
  5. mba special subjects
  6. course fee
  7. career in mba
  8. salary in mba

How to take admission in MBA (Process of admission in MBA:-)

Student I would like to tell you that its admission process is slightly different from other exams, for admission, it is very important for us to know about many important things, if this course is inter baad then it will be 3 years or program and if you do it after graduation. If so, then there will be a program of 2 years.

The special thing about this exam is that it is not only based on entrance marks but also based on different types of things related to your life.

This includes our graduate level marks , extracurricular activities , sports , personal interviews , community service activity ,significant work .service experience ,school diversity contribution ,etc
This exam is done on the basis of

Those who are good in all these, similar students are considered to be able to pass these subjects. And they do something in life.

Qualification for MBA Course Eligibility for mba test exam:-

These students who have completed their graduation degree from any subject, such students can do this course and one thing in this, the students who are going to do it, overall those students should have at least 50% marks in graduation. If not, then admission will not be available.

Syllabus for MBA course and duration :-

This is a semester wise exam, the students who are doing graduation or master program, they have to pass several exams semester by semester-

Overall, there are a total of 4 semesters in 2 years and every semester’s exam is from different subjects.

Semester 1

  • Principles of Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Accounting Managers
  • Business Legislations
  • Business Communication and Information
    Etc or same course takes place in 1st semester

2nd semester:-

  • Human Resource Management and
  • organizational behavior
  • financial management program
  • marketing management program
  • Operations Management program
  • Cost Accounting Program
  • Economic Environment
    Etc There are more courses like this

Semester 3:-

  • Strategic Managements program
  • Summer Internship Project Assessment
  • Project Management or Environment program
  • Elective 1 contains 1,2,3,4 paper

Semester 4:-

  • Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Project Work
  • International Business Management or agri Management orogramme
    Elective 1 and 2
    Ka paper 3

Thus in 4 beans, all are over hot.
Which expires over a period of 6- 6 months.

MBA Course Fees :-

As I have been telling you all that there are two ways for every work, one is governmental or the other by giving donation, so let me tell you that mba ko bhi can be done from government and private colleges.
As far as fees are concerned in private colleges, it is around 1,00,000 to 1,50000 and there is no guarantee of scholarship.

But if you get government colleges, then the fee is only around 35,000 to 60000 and more than half or half of the money gets returned as scholarship.

Job and Salary Through MBA:-

If anyone does MBA well, then he will get the best job comfortably. And if someone does a special course, then it is better for him to do a special course and do a different post like –
Multi-national company

  • Government Jobs
  • Job in public sector
  • bank executor
  • As Hospital executor
  • airline executor

Etc can work on more such governmental and non-governmental posts.

And as far as the salary is concerned, if someone takes this much tax, then he will get 10 lakh to 12 lakh salary comfortably with a good servant. And even if he is not that good, then he will get 6 to 7 lakhs privately. Or money will be available for good government kaam.

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