Mars By GHC Gloww Skin Serum Uses, Benifits and Side effects

Mars by ghc Gloww Skin Serun- Friends, in today’s information, we will know about a skin serum that is used to make the screen glow, to make it glowing and to improve the skin tone and the use of this skin serum Both men and women can do it.

The name of this skin serum is Gloww Skin Syrup which is sold by Mars by GHC Company Same skin. In this post we will know the complete information about the serum. Like what is the gradient in it, how does it work? Everyone will know how much money is available and how it is used.


Together we will know how to use it to get better results and what are the side effects of this glow skin serum. Everyone is going to know. Please read the complete information. So that you can get complete information about this Mars Glow Skin Serum.

What is Mars By GHC Glow Skin Serum

Mars by GHC Gloww Skin Serum is a natural product. Which is sold by Mars by GHC company, and this product is a reliable and popular product, and different products for weight loss and skin by mars by GHC company to increase male performance for hair beard are created. If you want to take other products apart from this scheme, then you can take it.

Mars by GHC Gloww Skin Serum Content composition

If we talk about the composition of Mars Glow Skin Serum, what are the ingredients added to it, then both Ayurvedic and allopathic ingredients have been added to its list. Ayurvedic has Multani Mitti, Turmeric Extract, Cocoa Butter. And which is allopathic, Niacinamide and Vitamin C have been added to it.

How to work Mars by GHC Gloww Skin Serum

  1. multani mitti- Multani mitti is rich in minerals and elements in Mars Glowing Skin Serum. Due to which it makes our skin healthy and white. Also our dark spots. helps them reduce
  2. Turmeric Extract– Which is turmeric in this serum. It reduces the elasticity of our skin and makes the skin supple. Also the collagen that is produced in the skin. Due to which the skin looks young, it keeps the glow in the skin, as well as removes the wrinkles which are there.
  3. Cocoa Butter- It has cocoa butter in which ferric acid is very high. So that the moisture in the scheme is provided, which reduces the dryness of the screen and keeps it moisturized.

This is how Ayurvedic ingredients work and allopathic ingredients in it.

  1. Like Vitamin C which we also know as Ascorbic Acid. This is the hyperpigmentation of our skin which are small blemishes. Eliminates them and makes the skin glow. It also acts as an anti-aging agent.
  2. Neocinamide– It is a derivative of vitamin B3. It mainly works to repair the damaged cells. Companion itself acts as an anti-oxident in the skin.

In this way, these five ingredients work together to make the skin good.

Price of Mars by GHC Gloww Skin Serum

This product comes in a 30ml glass bottle packaging. Also, a dropper is available in it, which is given to apply in the skin. We will know further about how to apply it, which will give better results. First we know about its price.

The price of this serum is the MRP in a 30ml bottle of ₹ 499. You can also get it on online platforms such as Amazon Flipkart and you can also order from the official website of GHC.

Benefits of Mars by GHC Gloww Skin Serum

If a person whether it is a man or a woman, it is used for problems like any kind of dullness, dark spots, acne spots, polluted screen, wrinkles, hardness skin on their face.

  1. If the skin has become dull then it can be used.
  2. If you have dark spots under the eyes then you can use this cream.
  3. If you have acne pimples on your face then you can use it.
  4. It can be used if there are small spots on the skin or the screen has become dark or light somewhere.
  5. Due to pollution, dullness has come on the face, then it can be used.
  6. If any person has got wrinkles on the face, then it can be used to eliminate the wrinkles.
  7. Also, even if the skin of someone’s face has become hard, you can use it to soften it.
  8. It can be used if the skin of a person has become dry.

How to use Mars by GHC Gloww Skin Serum

Before using this glow skin serum, wash the face thoroughly and dry it thoroughly with a towel. Then with the help of the dropper given with the serum, apply three to five drops on the face. And massage gently.

The massage that it is, should be a circular massage, massage till then. It is applied evenly once a day until it is absorbed by the screen.

But to get the best results, it can be applied twice a day, and its duration has to be applied at least 3 weeks to 4 weeks, only after that its good results are seen.

One special thing to keep in mind whenever using this serum. At that time, after applying the serum, moisturizing cream or lotion has to be used, like Vaseline body lotion, any lotion, use any other type of lotion, because when applying this cream, which is multani mitti.

Due to which a slight stretch is felt on the face. So if you apply any moisturizing cream, then your skin will remain soft and will not feel stretchy, then by applying this way you can get good results of the serum.

Side effects of Mars by GHC Gloww Skin Serum

Friends, this serum is a combination of a natural ingredient and vitamins, so no side effects have been seen so far. When it is applied on the skin, the medicines work very well without any side effects. Do try it once and how do you get the result, definitely tell in the comment.

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