Maharishi Dadhichi Story, Biography, Birth and Death

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Who was Maharishi Dadhichi – All beings live for themselves, all want their own good, but there are some personalities who sacrifice their interests for charity. There have been many such men and women in our country who have themselves suffered for the help and well being of others.

Maharishi Dadhichi’s name is taken with respect among such great benevolent men. Maharishi Dadhichi was knowledgeable. The fame of his scholarship was spread to every corner of the country, students from far and wide used to come here to study his education, he used to be gentle, kind, generous and treat everyone with love.

Who was Maharishi Dadhichi, his story

Maharishi Dadhichi Naimisharanya lived by building an ashram in the midst of the dense forests of Sitapur Uttar Pradesh. In those days a fight broke out between the gods and the demons, the gods were trying to maintain the kingdom of religion. Due to which the work and behavior of the Asuras was not good only for the people, they used to torture people in different ways.

They were fighting with the gods to establish their dominance. The gods were worried about this, the defeat of the gods meant the establishment of the kingdom of the asuras, they were fighting with full force, this fight was going on for a long time, the gods made many efforts to defeat the asuras but did not succeed.

Desperate gods went to their king Indra and said, Rajan, we do not see any chances of success in the war, why not ask Brahma ji any solution in this matter. Indra went to Brahma ji following the advice of the gods and informed him of his concern.

Story of Maharishi Dadhichi

Brahma said-O God, there is so much power in renunciation that on its strength any impossible task can be made possible, but it is sad that none of you is walking on this path at this time.

Devraj Indra got worried after hearing the words of Brahma ji, he said what will happen then sir, will this world go into the hands of the demons, if this happens then there will be a big disaster, Brahma ji said that you should not be discouraged but there is a way to win the beginning if you If you try, surely the gods will win, Indra asked being impatient, Sir, tell us the solution soon, we will do everything possible.

Brahma ji toldAn ascetic is doing penance in Naimisharanya, his name is Dadhichi. They have gathered immense power within themselves on the strength of penance and sadhana, if you use weapons made from their bones in battle, then the demons will definitely be found.

Indra saidBut he is alive, how can we get his ashes?

Brahma saidI told you what I found with me, you can solve the rest of the problems yourself.

Maharishi Dadhich was aware of this war, he wanted the war to end, the people of the ashram, who always wanted peace, were unhappy in the fight. He also used to wonder why people fight with each other. Maharishi Dadhichi was worried that the victory of the demons would increase the atrocities.

Devraj Indra hesitantly reached Maharishi Dadhichi’s ashram. Maharishi was in a meditative state at that time. Indra stood in front of him with folded hands and stood in the posture of a petitioner.

Indra said– Sorry Maharishi, I have disturbed your meditation. Maharishi you will know that at this time the demons have attacked the deities, they are committing all kinds of atrocities, their commander Vritrasura is very cruel and tyrannical. That is why the deity is defeated,

great sage saidThis is my concern too, why don’t you talk to Rabba ji.

Indra said– I have talked to him, he has also told the remedy, but….. why did you stop Devraj, tell me clearly that my life will also be needed, then I am ready to fight, the victory of the gods should be done by Maharishi when this is where you Indra said MRC Brahma ji has told that if a weapon is made from your personalities, it will be like a thunderbolt, you can use a similar Vajra weapon to kill Vritrasur.

On hearing Indra’s words, the face of the aunt was in brilliance, she thought that I was blessed, her hair was blown away.

The great sage said happily, Devraj, your wish will definitely be fulfilled, what will be a matter of greater pride for me than this, you must definitely make my personalities make thunderbolts and destroy the demons and establish peace all around.

Dadhichi, freed from fear and anxiety, closed his eyes, he separated his life from the body with the force of yoga, his body became lifeless, Devraj Indra Adarsh ​​bowed down to his dead body and became a thunderbolt from the personalities of the great sage who brought him with him. .

With whose feet Vritrasura was killed, the animals were defeated and the gods were victorious. Even today people remember Maharishi Dadhichi with reverence for his sacrifice. Every year in Naimisharanya a fair is organized in his memory in the month of Falgun.

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