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Maharaja Suheldev is the legendary Indian king of Shravasti. In as we speak’s data, we’re going to let you know who was Maharaja Suheldev and what’s some attention-grabbing details about him.

Maharaja Suheldev

Within the seventeenth century, through the reign of the Mughal king Jahangir, there was a author named Abdurrahman Chishti. goes.


In accordance with my Masoodi, Masood was the nephew of Mahmud Ghaznavi who had come to assault India on the age of 16 from his father Gandhi with Alarm Sahu.

Who was Maharaja Suheldev?

As talked about above Maharaja Suheldev Shravasti that means mythological Indian king is claimed to have defeated and killed Sayyid Salar Masood Ghazi, the overall of Ghaznavi at Bahraich within the early eleventh century. It’s talked about within the seventeenth century Persian language historic legend. Mirat-e-Masoodi has been talked about in.

Within the later twentieth century, numerous Hindu nationalist teams chosen him as a Hindu king who defeated Muslim invaders.

Professor Badrinarayan who’s a author who informed who was Sugal Dev When Professor Vitran was requested who was the morning Dev, he gave the identical reply.

To find out about Maharaja Suheldev, when Professor Badrinarayan was requested who Suheldev was, he gave just one reply, Suheldev was the hero of the individuals.

Practice named after Raja Suheldev

A superfast prepare has additionally been run within the identify of Maharaja Suheldev Rajbhar. Suheldev Superfast Categorical named after Anand Vihar Terminal railway station is a superfast prepare belonging to Ghazipur Metropolis Northern Railway that runs between Anand Vihar Terminal and Ghazipur Metropolis in India.


Sholay Superfast Categorical quantity is 22419/22420 Allow us to let you know Suheldev Superfast Categorical is operated on week foundation with 4 Jan.

Allow us to let you know that the prepare has been named after King Suheldev Rajbhar, the emperor of Shravasti.

Is King Suheldev Rajbhar or Pasi?

Numerous caste associations have tried to depict Suheldev as one in his personal proper however in line with Milaate Masoodi, Suheldev belongs to the Bhar neighborhood.

In the course of the Nineteen Fifties and Sixties, native politicians have been attempting to make them Pasi in line with politicization. However in line with Mirati Masoodi, Suheldev belonged to Bhar i.e. Rajbhar caste.

,Mirat-e-Masoodi-The primary concrete written point out of King Suheldev is there. On this doc, he’s described because the eldest son of King Gaur Dhwaj of Shravasti and who can be described as Suheldev Bhar.

Pasi is a Dalit neighborhood. And there’s additionally a big vote financial institution round Bahraich. Steadily the Pasi began glorifying the Pasi as a neighborhood of their very own caste.


From the 20th century, makes an attempt have been made to take political benefit of Suheldev, below this Hinduist organizations began portraying Sholingapuram as a Hindu king who defeated the Muslim rulers. The story about them is that Salar Masood marched his military ahead to defeat the kings. The cow was raised in order that it couldn’t assault it, however the evening earlier than the battle itself, the cows have been freed after which defeated Masood.

Music on Maharaja Suheldev

Many varieties of music have additionally been composed within the identify of Maharaja Suheldev. You’ll be able to search on YouTube to hearken to the music that’s made about Rashtraveer Suheldev ji.

Birha on Maharaja Suheldev

Birha has been constructed within the identify of King Suheldev. Many songs and birhas have been made on the bravery of Rajbhar Maharaja Suheldev. By which his bravery is described.

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