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Lungs Infection Symptoms, Casues and Treatment

In today’s information we are going to talk about how lung infection happens and why lung infection happens, which we will talk about.


lung infection carriers

The three main causes of lung infection are viruses, bacteria and fungi.

  1. Virus (5 types of viruses are responsible for infection in the lungs)
  2. Bacterial (4 types of bacteria cause lung infection)
  3. Fungi (1 type of fungus causes infection in our paper)

1.Virus Lungs Disease

First let us talk about which are the viruses which are responsible for getting infection in our lungs. So below you can see the names of all these viruses. Corona virus that infect the lungs are influenza virus, rhinovirus, para-influenza virus or adenovirus.

  1. Corona Virus
  2. influenza virus
  3. Rhinovirus/enterovirus
  4. para-influenza
  5. adenovirus

2.Bacterial Lungs Disease

Which are the bacteria that damage our lungs and which cause infection in our lungs, so let’s know about all those bacteria.

Bacteria that damage our lungs, in which bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Mycobacterium pneumoniae and Legionella pneumoniae are responsible

  1. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  2. Streptococcus Pneumoniae
  3. Mycobacterium pneumoniae
  4. Legionella pneumophila

Let us talk about which bacteria spread which infections in the lungs.


1.Mycobacterium Tuberculosis- You must have heard about TV that the bacteria of TV is named Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This is also a type of deadly bacteria that can infect the lungs.

2.Streptococcus Pneumoniae- Pneumonia Streptococcus This bacterium causes an infection called pneumonia in the lungs.

3.Mycobacterium pneumoniae– Mycobacterium l pneumoniae bacteria that cause pneumonia.

4.Legionella pneumophila- Legionella pneumophila bacteria are also the cause of pneumonia.

These are 4 types of bacteria that spread infection in our lungs.

3.Fungi Lungs Disease

Infection in our lungs is also caused by fungi. Let us know which are the fungi that cause infection in our lungs.

  1. Fungus Aspergillus

There is a fungus that spreads infection in the lungs, named Fungus Aspergillus.

1.Fungus AspergillusAspergillus is a fungus that spreads infection in our lungs. It also spreads infection in our lungs.


There are a total of 10 things that spread infection in the lungs, of which five are viruses, four are bacteria and one is a fungus. Which are mainly responsible for getting infections in the lungs.

What are the types of lung infection

Let us now talk about how many types of infections are there in the lungs and where are the most infections.

  1. Bronchitis
  2. Bronchiolitis
  3. Pneumonia


Bronchitis occurs in the upper part of the lungs, the upper layer of the lungs is called bronchitis.

As we have mentioned, it occurs in the upper part of the lungs. As you see in the image. The pipe of the lungs through which we breathe. Normally this pipe is completely open.


But after bronchitis, there is swelling inside this breathing pipe. Due to which the patient starts having trouble in breathing. Due to which many types of problems start in the patient due to infection.


Bronchiolitis mainly occurs in the bronchioles, which is the middle part of the lungs, it is there.


In this also the wind pipe means that our respiratory wall. There is swelling in it. But it occurs in the middle part of our lungs, as we mentioned in bronchitis, it occurs in the upper part of the lungs. But bronchiolitis occurs in the middle part of the lungs.


Apart from this, the infection that occurs in the lungs is pneumonia, it occurs in the alveoli of our lungs.


Now if we talk about the sample, then there is pus formation in pneumonia. Water starts forming in it, after pneumonia is infected, pus starts accumulating in the lungs. Due to which the patient continues to have problems like shortness of breath, chest pain, cold.

Which people are more prone to lung infections?

Who is more likely to get lung infection?

  1. Old Man- People who are older, ie 65 years of age and above, have weak lung function. They are more prone to lung infection.
  2. Small Baby- Even young children are prone to lung infections. If the lungs of children are not fully developed when they are small or are unable to function properly, then the chances of infection in the lungs of children are also high.
  3. Low immunity- People with low immunity ie people with low immunity are more prone to infection in the lungs.
  4. HIV, Hepatitis, Cancer Patients- Those people who have HIV hepatitis or cancer patients, the chances of getting lung infection are very high.
  5. Poor diet-People who do not take a proper diet or people who are deficient in vitamin D or other vitamins. Those who lack vitamins and minerals. There are chances of getting infection in their lungs.

What are the early symptoms of lung infection

Now let us talk then if there is an infection for free, then what are the initial symptoms about them.

  1. running nose
  2. Cold
  3. sore throat
  4. Throat pain
  5. difficulty speaking
  6. difficulty breathing
  7. Cough
  8. swelling of the lungs
  9. chest pain
  10. wheezing
  11. fever
  12. body aches and fatigue
  13. coughing up blood

These are all symptoms that can be early symptoms of lung infection.

How to prevent lung infection

What to eat so that there is no infection in our lungs, what are the foods that prevent infection in our lungs.

  • food ingredient- Like beetroot, black pepper, sev, pumpkin, turmeric, tomato, blueberries, green tea, milk, ginger garlic, citrus fruits, hot water
  • Steam should be inhaled by steam therapy
  • By removing mucus from the lungs, it can clean the lungs, for this it comes in many types of medicines.
  • exercise

How to check lung health at home

Your lunch inki paper is working well. Whether or not its health can now be checked even sitting at home. For this, an instrument comes in the market for peak flow meter, it comes in ₹ 300 to ₹ 600.

You can see by filling the air in this. In this it will tell you by the meter how healthy your paper is.

Remedies to cure lung infection

Now let’s talk about which methods we can reduce or cure lung infection by adopting at home.

  1. dad therapy
  2. salt water
  3. Drink hot water.
  4. drink too much water
  5. You can also take tea or coffee.
  6. Drink ginger tea.
  7. Consume it with honey and ginger
  8. Can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce fever
  9. Take rest as much as possible.
  10. And if there is no relief then by contacting the doctor.
  11. Some medicines may be taken with antibiotics (such as roxithromycin, azithromycin).

In this information, we have learned why lung infection occurs, how it happens and about the virus, bacteria, fungi that cause infection, I hope that you have understood this information of ours, if you are asking anything related to this information. You can ask us by commenting below.

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