Jio Number Port- How to Port Jio Sim to Airtel, Vi, BSNL?

Jio Number Port- Hi Welcome so News ancher Do you want to port your Jio sim that too in any other Indian Network (Airtel, Vi, BSNL) then you have come to the right place, today we will tell you about Jio Number Port, so that you can use your Jio The number can be easily ported to networks like Airtel, VI and BSNL.

Jio Sim Port

What should be done to do Jio Number Port?

To port Jio Sim Card, you have to have a Government Prof Id Like as Aadhar card, Dl (Driving License).

  • Alternate Mobile Number
  • 8 Digit UPC Code Unique Port Code

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jio Number Port?

Advantages-Many people are going to other networks by porting Jio Sim. kyuki Unkepass Jio4G Network Coverage is very weak.

Disadvantage- If you are thinking ahead then tell you Jio 4G has been developed, now Jio company is working on 5G. Due to which you will soon start getting the benefit of 5G.

Jio Sim’s Plan is very Chipest which you have in very less than other Sim card.

Note- To do Jio Sim Port, it is mandatory for your SIM card to be 90 Days Old. And it should have the facility to send SMS.

How to do Jio Sim Port in other network?

Step-1 First of all you have to get the upc code.

Call Method – If you want to port your Jio sim by calling, then you have to call 1900 from your mobile, after which you have to note the UPC code number by selecting the option with upc code.
SMS Method – First of all you have to open the Massage App in your mobile. And go to Create New Massage and do a SMS
Step 2– Now an SMS has to be done from Jio Number to SMS PORT <10Digit Mobile Number> To 1900.

Step 3– Now you will get a Number Portability UPC Code on your Jio Number. In whichever Sim company you want to port your Jio number to this code. Have to go to that Sim Care.

Step 4- Now you have to go to the nearest SIM care and tell them about porting the number. After which they will take Aadhaar from you and take your live photo and port it to another network.

jio sim port massage demo

Step 5– After the Form is Completely Submitted, you will be given a New Sim Card of that Sim Card. Just immediately the sim does not turn on, you have to put the sim in your mobile, and as soon as you first turn off the sim of jio, after that your new sim will be active.

Step 6– To activate the SIM, you have to verify, it has to be verified by calling the company.

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