IRCTC Ticket Cancel Refund Rules 2022- What are the rules for e-ticket money back?

IRCTC Ticket Cancel Refund Rules- Hello friends, in today’s information we are going to talk about Ticket Cancellation Charge 2022 ie if you cancel the railway ticket, then how much money will be deducted and how much refund will be given as well as how long before the ticket is canceled.

How much money is deducted, if you have a Tatkal ticket, then you will get all the information about how much money will be refunded on cancellation in this article.

Do you know if the train is canceled then how and how much we will get the ticket money and if there is a waiting ticket then how much is it refunded on filing TDR that we will get the money back on canceling the waiting ticket, all will go ahead.

If you want to cancel the railway ticket for any reason, you must first know the ticket cancellation rules because when and how and how much you will get the refund of ticket cancel.

Railway Ticket Cancel Refund Rules Kya hai

Railay officials have prepared some important rules of Railway Ticket Cancel Refund Rules, which in today will tell you all the rules in Hindi language. If you want to cancel the train ticket. So click this.

If you have a counter ticket, then we have to go to the next information about it, but in this information, let us know about the rules and laws of ticket refund deducted by IRCTC.

What is IRCTC Ticket Cancel Refund Rules?

Friends, you can easily cancel a ticket online or through IRCTC, when and how to cancel a ticket, let’s know about all these.

When can I cancel the ticket?

You can cancel any train ticket before charting. The departure of the train is made seven, before that chart is prepared, you have to cancel the ticket, only then you will get the refund.

That is, if you cancel the ticket 4 hours before the departure time of the train, then you will get the ticket cancellation refund. If you have a Delhi to Lucknow ticket, then you have to cancel the ticket 4 hours before the chart preparation in Delhi, if you do this then you will get the refund of the ticket.

But if the chart is prepared, then you cancel the ticket, then it is of no use, you will not get the refund of the ticket money.

Ticket Cancel Refund Rules in hindi ?

IRCTC has made some rules to Refund Railway Ticket Cancel, by following which we can cancel our E-ticket. So let’s know all the rules

Rules.1- E-ticket cannot be canceled after chart preparation. Users are requested to use online TDR filling for online cases and to check the status of refund case from the madhyam of tracking service provided by IRCTC. TDR can be entered as per Railway Rules:

Rupes.2– If the ticket is not canceled or the TDR has not been filed online 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, then there will be no refund on the ticket to be confirmed for reservation.

Rules.3- No refund of Charge will be valid on RAC E-TICKET if the ticket is not canceled or TDR is not filed online within 30 minutes from the scheduled departure of the train.

Rules.4- If a party e-ticket or a family e-ticket is issued for the journey of more than one passenger, some passangers have confirmed reservation for RAC or Waiting List, Full Refund of Fare, Less Clerk, and would be acceptable to others. There is also a rule to the confirmed passanger that the ticket will be canceled or the online TDR will be entered thirty minutes before the confirmed departure of the train for all the passangers.

Rules 5. According to the news received from IRCTC, the ticket will not be refunded after the train opens, nor will the passenger get its Paisa back. Tickets will have to be refunded 4 hours before the journey. This rule will be implemented across the country from 12 November.

Rules 6. The money for RAC and waiting list will be refunded till 30 minutes before the opening of the train, if you cancel your ticket by this time, then you will get some money refund and if not then you will not get it.

Rules 7. Cannon if you cancel your railway ticket before 48 hours

240 Rs charges will be deducted for the 1st AC passanger.

200 in AC 2 and Rs 180 in AC 3 will be deducted.
120 Rs in Sleeper and 60 Rs ticket charge will be deducted in second class.
If you cancel the ticket 12 hours before the opening of the train, then 25% will be deducted from your ticket price.
The money for your ticket cancellation will be transferred to the bank account within 60 days which you had given to IRCTC at the time of ticket booking. So this was the IRCTC train ticket cancellation charges, for your convenience, I also give the chart below.

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Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Rules Kya hai ?

No refund will be given on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal Ticket. For tatkal ticket cancellation and waiting for tatkal ticket cancellation, fee will be deducted as per existing railway rules. Partial cancellation of tatkal ticket cancellation is allowed.

E-ticket Cancel Refund rule in case of train cancellation?

If the train is marked as “Cancel” due to break in PRS, natural accident like flood etc., then full refund is allowed if the train is canceled under 3 days of Sechdule Department. In case of e-ticket, such cancellation can be done by the customer through internet.

IRCTC Railway Ticket Cancellation Rules Charges

Ticket ClassINR (Charge)
First AC240₹
AC 2200 ₹
AC 3180₹
Second class60₹
12 Hour Before Cancel25%

Note– Not less than 12 hours and up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train for chart preparation, subject to a minimum cancellation fee of 50% of the fare payment. Note whether the chart preparation time is the train origination chart preparation time or from the previous chart preparation station.

Apart from all these conditions, if the train is running late by more than 3 hours and no such passenger wants to travel, then IRCTC refunds the full amount of the ticket to him. Customers having e-tickets can get it by sending online/mail to IRCTC within the stipulated time frame. This feature covers the following conditions.

How to get train e-ticket money back

For E-ticket cancel refund deducted by IRCTC, you have to go to IRCTC website or IRCTC App where you will get TDR File After the TDR is filed, your ticket will be refunded.

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