Your Instagram Account Banned/Deactivated/suspended How to Recover?

Instagram Account Banned- Instagram has become a popular social media platform. Because it keeps on increasing its user base. Many fake accounts have also increased with this method. To counter this, Instagram has implemented some strict policies. Including banning or banking Instagram accounts.

Sometimes some accounts may even be banned by Instagram by mistake if some unusual activity occurs. This happens when Instagram notices a lot of activity suddenly in one account at this point Instagram will disable the account and the person will not be able to access the account.

Due to which neither he will be able to post nor can see people’s post, don’t worry because there are some ways. By which you can Unblock/Access/Recover your account temporarily.


Let us know how we can recover Instagram Suspend/Block/Banned account. If your Instagram account has been banned. You can recover Banned Ya Suspended Instagram account by following some of our below given steps.

Why Instagram Account is Banned

Instagram has listed several reasons in its privacy policy that can be the reason for the closure of any account. If you do not follow the guidelines of Instagram’s privacy policy, then your Instagram may also be blocked. Below are some reasons, which if you do not follow, then your Instagram account can also be banned.

  1. Posting inappropriate content that is against Instagram policies.
  2. Creating a fake account impersonating someone.
  3. Follow more than 150-200 people in 1 day.
  4. Using licensed work without permission credits.
  5. Fake Policies Increase her likes and comments.
  6. Like, comment and post offensive or inflammatory posts.
  7. No need to write more than 60 comments in 1 hour on Instagram.
  8. Comment using abusive language in the post.

How To Know My Instagram Account Banned

As we mentioned Instagram may ban your account if your account is associated with any of the appropriate activities. However in most cases some accounts may be suspended for a certain amount of time, ranging from 1 to 48 hours. If you appeal to Instagram.

If you use banned hashtags in posts then your account may be blocked. You may be unable to use the account in this case.

If you continuously unfollow or unfollow people from your account then Instagram can block the account it can usually be for few hours.

If you repeatedly violate the Instagram Terms of Use and Community Guidelines on your account, your account may be permanently blocked or banned, in which case you will not be able to recover your account. It would be appropriate.

How To Recover Banned Instagram Account

Hey friends, if your Instagram account has been closed, you want to recover it, then there are some ways through which you can recover your sister Instagram account, then let’s know what are the ways.

Contact Instagram Help Center

If your account has been bandaged in this conflict then you need to contact the Instagram Help Center.

  1. First of all instagram web center Go to
  2. There fill in the required details asked your name email address.
  3. There you also have to enter the reason like why your account has been blocked or banned. And to recover the account, request application has to be given.

Hello Instagram

My Instagram account has been deactivated from Instagram for violation of Instagram community guidelines and this account is very important to me. I will not mistake anything in the future (And I will also follow the Instagram community guidelines) please fix my account and get this account back to me.

Thank you

Instagram username__

So in this way you have to write a request letter and submit it. Enter your username and enter your user id. You can add a movie of assault with him to the Instagram account and below will see the option to confirm something, confirm and send it on that too.

How To Verify Banned Instagram Account

If you have submitted a support request for an account without your photo, you will receive an email verifying yourself from Meta’s support team in response. You will be asked to help verify your identity by viewing the email address or mobile number used to sign up and the type of device used at sign up.

If you submit a support request for an account containing your photos, you will be asked to take a video selfie by turning your head in different directions to see that you are the original owner of the account and to confirm your identity. Can you

When you submit a video selfie to verify your identity, you will receive an email from Instagram on the secure email address that you have provided. We use this video to ensure that you are the original owner of the account and to confirm the identity you are claiming.

If the video you submitted is not able to confirm the identity then you can submit a new video and we will review again.

We Suspended Your Instagram account What to do if an Instagram account is suspended?

Has your Instagram account been suspended, then you have to read this information completely, we will tell you this information about what to do if your Instagram account is suspended

  • First of all, if your account is suspended on Instagram, then a page like this will appear.
  • So you have to do your degree on this page because if you do not agree then you have to click on degree with decision.
  • After this a new page will open in front of you where the helpers confirm miss you ie you have to verify that this is your account.
  • Here you have to verify the pictures and click on the Next button.
  • Now after this you have to verify your mobile number, for that you have to enter your mobile number. After which an OTP will come as soon as that TP will be confirmed. After entering the OTP, your ID is opened

So in this way if your ID is suspended then you can recover.

how to secure your instagram account

If any third person can get access to your account then other things can be posted so that your Instagram account can be banned/blocked as it is said.

If you do not want this to happen, then you have to secure your Instagram account, for this you have to enable Two Factor Authentication in your account. Which is a double security.

  1. Before enabling Two Factor Authentication, please update your phone number and email ID.
  2. Keep your important personal information like mobile number email id hidden.

How To Enable/Disable Instagram Two Factor Authentication
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