How to use infrared thermometer on Forehead

The product measures the body temperature by collecting the infrared thermometer, radiation from the human forehead and hair its operation is simple and sanitary and its measurement is fast and accurate.

The user only need to point the the detector head at the forehead and measurement ke in one second the user can quickly and accurately measure the body temperature, which can be used by families and medical department to measure the body temperature.


Infrared thermometer product is a glass medical device belonging to the internal power supply equipment and the protection grid is common equipment it cannot be used under the mixture of flammable anaesthetic gas nitrous oxide and other gases and it is a continuous operation equipment the EU is classified as IIB.

The product is mainly composed of infrared temperature sensor signal receiving processor ke bajar LCD display a battery etc.

Used by families and medical department when measuring body temperature.

Infrared thermometer features

  • Strong environmental temperature adaptability, which can still be used normally in complex environment.
  • New control probe structure to ensure more accurate measurement.
  • Two measurement mode of body temperature and object temperature one button mode switching operation in convenient and practical.
  • Fever alarm prompt backlight colour prompt.
  • Automatically save 16 sets of temperature measurement values
  • large size LCD screen high brightness 3 colour backlight clean and soft display.
  • Two temperature unit of Celsius and Fahrenheit can be selected.
  • Automatically shut down saves power and energy.
  • Simple and clear operation mode.


  • Please read this manual carefully before use and make sure the battery is installed it is forbidden to Immerse the the forehead temperature gun in any liquid and it is forbidden to use it in an excessively high or low temperature environment for a long time it is forbidden to collide, fall, mix with sharp object and this mental by yourself do not use it in in strong electromagnetic in interference environment.
  • Put the forehead temperature gun out of the reach of children the measurement result cannot replace the doctor’s diagnosis.

How to Use Infrared thermometer

Human body temperature measurement by infrared thermometer

  1. After the battery is star press the power on k for 1 second and the power on is complete after the full display self check.
  2. Confirm that the measurement mode above the screen is body temperature mode (non-object temperature mode).
  3. Align the forehead temperature can probe with the middle of the forehead and keep it vertical with a distance of about 3-5cm measurement.
  4. Press the measurement to start the measurement.
  5. After about one second the screen display the measurement value.
  6. Press the measurement key to shutdown when measurement is made aur shutdown automatically after 30 second.


  1. Before and after use please keep the sensor and probe cavity.
  2. Clean please place the forehead temperature gun in temperature stable environment for use.
  3. When ambient temperature change greatly please place for about 30 minute after measurement.
  4. do not begin to measure body temperature immediately after measuring the temperature of an object at very high or very low temperature. Please place it for 10 minute.
  5. When the measurement object come from a place that is quite different from the measured ambient temperature it should stay in the test environment or at least 5 minute.
  6. try not to be major in the forehead blowing drinking water swimming boating smear cosmetics etc. Do not take body temperature within 30 minute after exercise, bath, meals.

When the forehead temperature gun is out of working temperature the screen will prompt after the the boat complete self test the screen will show the ambient temperature.

Infrared thermometer maintain method

  • Because the product is a a reusable device please pay attention to the cleaning procedure after use.
  • Please keep the inner cavity of sensor and Pro clean otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy surface cleaning wipe dirt with clean soft cloth or cotton stick with the little medical spray.
  • Clean the inner cavity of the sensor and probe gently wipe the inner cavity of the head or the top of the sensor with a clean soft cloth or cotton stick with a little medical sprinkle when the alcohol is a completely volatile.

Infrared thermometer storage condition

Product must be kept clean and kept in a a dry place do not put the electronic forehead temperature gun in a place with electric shocks do not store the electronic forehead temperature gun in a extreme temperature involvement above 55 degree Celsius or below 10 degree Celsius and humidity above 85%.

What forehead temperature is too low?

Below 32°C (90.2 F) is Low Body Temperature by Infrared thermometer

What is the Normal Temperature of Infrared thermometer?

The normal infrared thermometer body temperature is for human body temperature measurement 34.°C To 42.9°C (93.2 F To 109.2 F)

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