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Bedtime Mode- How to Turn On/Off Bedtime Mode

You must have seen the Bedtime Mode option at some point in your phone’s settings. You get to see this feature inside almost all the smartphones. In today’s information, we will know about big time mode, what is the bedtime note feature, how to turn battery mode on and off in mobile, what are the features of bedtime mode, everyone will know.

If Bedtime Mode Feature is not given in your phone, then you update your mobile, you will definitely get this feature. Friends, Beta Hi Mode is a kind of mobile feature which is available in all smartphones. This is a very good feature for those people who do not want to be disturbed due to mobile while sleeping, this is a very good feature for them.

What is Bedtime Mode?

Bedtime Mode is a kind of mobile feature. On turning on, your mobile goes to DND mode. And you do not disturb while sleeping, although in DND mode you can also customize it in your own way. That is, as if you do not have to put DND on any one particular call, then you can setup by customising it.You are also given the option to schedule time inside Bedtime mode. Where you can do Bedtime Mode by giving some set time command, after which Bedtime Mode will automatically turn off.

How To On/Off Bedtime Mode In Mobile Phone

If you have an Android phone, then you must have got the feature of Bedtime Mode in it, let us know. How to do Bedtime Mode On/Off in Android Phone.Step.1 First of all you need to have your mobile Setting You have to go to the bottom of the setting Of Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control The option will appear, click on it.


Step.2 after which you Bedtime Mode If you get the feature, click on it.


Step.3 Now you will be getting 2 options in front of you. About which you can see below.

  1. Do not disturb For bedtime-If you enable DND, you will be able to ring all the calls i.e. the call will be muted. But if you do not want to mute some calls, then do them under the star label, after which the phone will start ringing when there is a stared contact call. But if you want to mute all calls then leave DND active.
  2. Greyscale– The color of your mobile screen will change from reception, that is, it will be black and white, if you want to do this, then leave it enabled or else you can also disable it.

Step.4 After that the option of time schedule will come in front of you, you can set this time / time, from how long a bedtime will be on, set that time here.


Step.5 There is also an option to turn off the bed time mode, as you can see in the image, if you click on the off option, then that time mode is turned off.


So in this way you can turn on and off Bedtime Mode in your mobile.You can also turn on mobile navigation from the toggle bar above to turn on Bedtime mode. Where you get the button to turn on the bed time mode and do it. By clicking on it, the pack time mode will be turned on and you will have to click on it to do the same.

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